Fringe Archaeology An Alternative View

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Submitted: January 11, 2014

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Submitted: January 11, 2014



Science, Religion and Fringe Archaeology

Science and Religion have only recently achieved some semblance of equilibrium. Today’s science should be far advanced compared to where we are at this time. Unfortunately the primary for cause for this dates back to the Roman Empire and the beginnings of a truly organized religion. During the latter half or the first millennium the church had gained great power over the populace. When the Empire collapsed the church gained control and began ruling the known world. Most science was viewed as heresy and was often punishable by death. It is well known that Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake in fifteen forty eight for his beliefs that the universe was full of life and the sun was just a star and other beliefs that the church considered to be of a contradictory nature to their doctrine. Showing that the church still maintained a stranglehold on the human race during most of the sixteenth century. Bruno is only one example of many that occurred over the churches thousand year reign. Any one that studies history with an open mind can easily see that the church held mankind back from progress for somewhere around a thousand years. For several centuries its was even a death sentence to even be caught with a bible that was in any language other than Latin. It was the opinion of the church that only those within should be capable of dispensing information on the salvation of man and therefore the populace did not need the ability to read the word but should be told how to think and live. During this period education faltered and declined from a state where most people were literate to a state where only the elite were schooled. One must wonder how much information and how many great minds were lost during the period of the crusades alone. Take that thought and try to imagine where science will go during the next seven hundred years and you will reach the minimum point where we should be now. This statement is not to criticize the church it is simply to state the fact and to point out that this kind of behavior is a human fallacy that we will probably always have to deal with or over come. This lack of progress could just have easily been caused by any other entity that might have gained power like the great library of Alexandria being burned by the Romans. The knowledge lost at that time might have advanced modern science as much as a thousand years or more. There is little doubt that everything there was to know about ancient Egypt and the great pyramids would have been contained in that library. The Egyptians knew even then how important knowledge was, that’s why the great library was there in the first place. What a wonderful thing it would be to unearth a duplicate of this great library or one like it buried some where, maybe even in another part of the world.

Fringe Archaeology Science

Fringe Archaeology often refereed to as Forbidden Archaeology, pseudo science, and several other terms used by some people to describe interpretations that are outside mainstream or Academic Archaeology as well as most of the other sciences. Many theories developed this way are quite often radically different from the Mainstream. The Academic Sciences have heavily criticized the Fringe claiming that it relies on sensationalism, misuse of logic, the available evidence, and misunderstanding of scientific method. The mainstream apparently ignores the fact that they have been wrong every century so far. The eighteen hundreds re-wrote most of the accepted science of the seventeen hundreds and then in the nineteen hundreds we re-wrote much of the accepted science of the eighteen hundreds. Just imagine what we will know at the end of the twenty first century if only half as much of the current accepted science is re-written.

One of the most compelling theories in Fringe Archaeology is the evidence that suggests that civilization has been around a lot longer and has been much more diverse than is believed by the Mainstream. Or the implication that many civilizations may have evolved over time and were destroyed with very little solid evidence of their existence surviving until our time.

No Science progresses without new ideas and or new information. Quite often this new information or new idea comes from outside the mainstream community and sometimes within the mainstream but from those labeled as crackpots. The propensity to disbelieve something that is not understood when it is first presented or proven many times over is not relegated to Archaeology alone, it appears in every field of science. Our history is filled with ideas and discoveries that were not understood until many years after they were first proposed. We need only look at the field of mathematics to see an excellent example of this, the oldest example of this was in the sixteenth century when Gerolamo Cardano introduced imaginary numbers he was quickly labeled a crackpot two centuries later he was proved right. Often discovered by accident these ideas and or discoveries once proven as authentic will initiate dramatic changes. Unusual theories will get little of any attention from the mainstream until the theory is proven as fact. However, once proven the mainstream will of course become very interested and seek as much credit for rewriting history as possible.

There are literally countless different interpretations of the past that are at odds from those developed by academics (who often disagree among their own ranks). Most academics believe they have a fairly clear picture of the past until something shows up that proves they do not. However, one theory is as valid as another until one or the other is proven to be fact.

When we visit a museum we see artifacts that have been arranged to support the current premise that man evolved from primitive creatures (apes) and has steadily progressed upwards towards technology and civilization. This view (Darwinism) written by the mainstream is presented by most history books. One of the amazing facts is that the theory of evolution was only generally accepted by the mainstream about a hundred years after Darwin first developed his theory. The general consensus of the eighteen hundreds leaned more towards creationism as true science was still being developed. Creationism still exist today although it is mostly relegated to the fundamental religious sections of our society.

Fringe Archaeology presents different views based on tantalizing objects (called erratics or out of place artifacts) that have been unearthed, which modern historians and academic Archaeologist wish to ignore or quickly disprove. These unusual objects (while problematic for the mainstream) suggest that man or possibly and unknown species very similar to modern man reached a level equal to or possibly beyond the current level of technology many times in the past and through some catastrophic event has digressed into a primitive state creating the necessity to start over. There are literally thousands of objects and sites that suggest this rise and fall of past civilizations. Some interesting objects that have been found question the accepted view of today and are listed later in this writing.

At the beginning of the nineteenth century those who believed that the city of Troy actually existed would have been considered to be Fringe Archaeologists the city having been declared a myth by mainstream archaeologist. Those who did not conform to the scientific paradigm of the day were generally ridiculed or simply ignored by those involved with the mainstream. It takes very exceptional people to confront these circumstances in order to advance our understanding of the world our ancient history and items that have no truly definitive explanation. Ridicule is often the best way to silence an idea that does not conform to the accepted knowledge of the time. During our recorded history we see that progress was often delayed for years or even centuries by using ridicule as a tactic to stop people from investigating material that was not included in the mainstream paradigm of the time.

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