Turn The Corner

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a dream I had one morning. It seemd so strangely mysteriouse that I felt I had to write it down. Keep in mind, I wrote this at 6am so it's not the most elegently written but it leaves you to answer many questions yourself.

My feet are tired as I walk out of the mall and the humidity covers my skin. My ears are filled with sounds of distant cars driving up the parking garage. I feel in my pocket to make sure the keys to my black Toyota Camry are there and sure enough there’s the jingle. I walk off the sidewalk after waiting for a police car to pass and think to myself ‘ Damn police… why don’t they go contribute to society by finding real criminals like murderers or robbers instead of snooping around a parking garage for someone with an expired sticker?’ but I smiled at the man anyways. After I cross the street to the garage I make a left and go in between a mid- thigh height wall in the front of some cars. Soon I make a left to go half way up the ramp to the second level to get to my car. I pop open the trunk and get out a pair of jeans I have to go return. Then, right as I’m about to close it I’m startled bya car screeching to a stop. I think to myself ‘ Ha! Some people just don’t know how to drive.’ and proceed to close the trunk. I start walking back down the ramp and as the view of the ground level where I left the mall comes more in to view, I see the back of a police car parked on the road. I turn right at the bottom of the ramp, the full police car is showing now and I begin to notice something is wrong.
The light of the car is not flashing but the driver’s door is wide open and the officer is squatted down next to a woman lying on the ground. A slight adrenaline rush fills my body when I see the blood on the ground beside her. I’m scared and sick yet extremely curious to what’s going on. So I quicken my pace when crossing the road between the ramp and the cars parked along the edge of the garage. Just then a man at a half jog comes up from behind me going at a diagonal down the road heading for the parked cars in front of where the woman is. I head over in the same direction but I’m in between the cars and the short wall in the full view of the officer, woman and little boy. The other man was jogging behind the cars till he reached the spot where I was standing, right across the street from the woman on the ground. He grabbed my shoulder and forced me down behind the short wall so we both could not be seen. He whispered harshly
“Get down and stay down! You hear?!” he glanced to either side “The police will think anyone around here is the murderer and I don’t have time to be going down town!” 
I nod my head quickly. For his man is older then me but obviously, much stronger. As I look through the three inch long hole in the wall that had been broken out by some reckless driver who hit it some time ago I can see more now of what’s going on.
The woman is wearing a coral colored floral print dress. It has short sleeves, buttons up, and is loose fitting. Her upper arm and shoulder is covered in blood and there is an obvious wound about an inch around in the middle of herleft upper arm. The police man is kneeling on the ground and bent slightly over her but I can’t make out exactly what he’s doing. She’s crying hysterically and saying over and over again
 “That man wants to kill me! Please officer, take me out of the street he wants to KILL me!!” The police man holds her hand and reassures her
“There is no man over there that wants to kill you. You’re hysterical. Calm down” A little boy is on the right side of her, opposite to the police officer. He looks to be about eight years old and is wearing a white t-shirt that has a few spots of blood on it and navy blue shorts. He gets up from the ground and runs to the other side of her. His hand reached down in between the Officer and the woman.
 “Give me the gun!” he demands. But they are paying no attention.
The man next to me stands up making himself fully visible to the three people in the street and pulls the trigger. He glances down and me and gives me a half smile, put the gun back down at his side, then turns back to them and says
 “Which one hurt more my dear, the knife of the gun?”
The woman lifts her head with great effort. She takes a deep breath and closes her eyes. She opens them and out come the words
“They both hurt the same. Not because of the wounds on my body but the wounds in my life. The effect of knife and the gun hurts more then any injury.” She then turns to the little boy who is sobbing heavily over her and picks up his head. She says to him “Addicus, why didn’t you get it sooner?” and lays down her head back down on the concrete street. The man sits down on the car behind us and watches as two minutes pass and her life drains away.

Submitted: June 05, 2010

© Copyright 2022 TheGirlThatThinks. All rights reserved.

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i love this gurl!!!!!! itz amazing!!!!:D love ya!!!;D

Sat, June 5th, 2010 8:14pm


thank u very much! :D... wrote it this morning lol

Sat, June 5th, 2010 1:31pm

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