Once A King

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I was once a king, and a king I shall be forevermore...

Submitted: May 13, 2015

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Submitted: May 13, 2015



I was once a king, and a king I shall be forevermore.
My land was once a kingdom, and a kingdom it shall stay for eternity.
My people were once united, but united they shall never be again.
To be united they need a good king.
A good king...

They used to sing legends in my honor. Loud trumpets sounding glory of blue and yellow flags, waving at returning victory, victory which I caused, victory which belonged to my land.
They sang prayers to God.
They sang prayers to me...

It came in the middle of the night. It reached every corner of the land, the noble, loved land.
And wrecked it.
Screams and agony and woe ricocheting through our bullet proof streets, then piercing the floor upon which I stood. It wasn't fair. 
I tried so hard...

The truth hurts. I know.
I just didn't know it'd hurt like this.
Like a knife in my heart. Like a knife I plunge into my enemies.
Only this time the enemy is me...

The crown rests at my feet. I can reach it...
I can reach it...
I can reach...
I can...






I wonder... what if?

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