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This is my feelings when i relapsed

Submitted: December 23, 2012

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Submitted: December 23, 2012



Changing my ways

No more drak days

But nothing lasts forever

Especially when you're doing better

Incognito at first

Then you get a drastic change of thirst

You stumble upon this friendly monster

You pick him up, instead of ponder

He's irrisistable.. It's useless to fight

With him you seem to do no right

So you use him to mask the pain

But in the end you just regain

It's too late now.. you cant turn back

'Cause friends are what you now lack

You traded them for your "new" life

Now, you have him and your knife

Oh look, two addictions! 

Your "new" life gave you new additions

Get used to it.. He'll bring you change after change

All he does is rearrange

He's no good.. now you know

He brought you down a long, cracked road

It's your choice to stop and turn around

But, instead you just collapse on the ground

"There's no way out" you say

So you lay there, wishing your life way

This is how he'll make you feel

Confused, and lonley.. unable to heal

This monster is my only friend

So yes, I relapsed in the bitter end

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