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Just about my dog.

Submitted: April 17, 2015

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Submitted: April 17, 2015



There was this strange thing that happened to me a few years ago.

She had golden hair and brown eyes, and a smile that was only matched by my own.

At that age, a young 7, I didn't know how we would grow.

How I would come to love her more than anything.


She was energetic,



She didn't listen, and always ran off.

Maybe that's why she was such a bug to my family.


I gave her a bath every time she was dirty,

Rubbing my hands over her soft fur until all the muck was gone.

I ran after her every time she ran off,

And though it was annoying,

She showed me the world.

She would run, I always followed,

Adventure mattering more than how far we had gone.


My family didn't like her disobedience.

My family didn't like my disobedience.

They gave up on her,

They were through with me.

The outcasts of a family, we sat in my room.


I would cry, she would listen.

She'd get yelled at, I'd tell them to shove it.


Most people don't understand her.

Most people don't understand me.

But we understood each other.

It's weird how such a thing can happen.

Nothing making you more happy than their presence.


After many years of having her,

I've come to realize something.

At 16 years old,

With hundreds of friends,

None of they understood me as much

As my dog Mazy.


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