In Order to take Flight

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Poem about girl piecing herself back together

Submitted: August 16, 2012

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Submitted: August 16, 2012



Pain does not glimmer, nor does it glow

pain likes to hide, it perfers not to show

crystiline tears roll out of downcast eyes

no one will see, only the lonely night

a longing so strong, it tears and rips at her heart

a pain so severe, once it starts, it can't be stopped

She waits in silent misery for the pain to dwindle down

she tips her head backwards, lets the moon light carress her face

out of everyone, its the one whose shoulder her tears have found

she clutches her heart as if that will make it stop beating

wails at the moon

begs to know why her pain is never fleeting

she sinks to her knees

and cradles her head

lonliness to her, a fatal disease

now that her heart has bled

her sorrow can be freed

when there are no more tears to cry

when the moon is hidden away from sight

only then will she get up

only then will she try

to wrench out her wings in the quiet of the night

to allow them to fold out, so that she may finally take flight


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