The Dying Heart

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Personal poem about a friend of mine who never really viewed me as a friend but a rival and is constantly trying to belittle me even though I've done nothing but help her and try to showcase her own talents.

Submitted: August 16, 2012

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Submitted: August 16, 2012



My heart barely beats under a pile of pain

its pulse is weak

i fear it might break

chips and cracks travel up its sides

snide remarks causes fragments to crumble inside

will you pick at its scab until it gushes blood?

when my heart fully erodes, will it then be enough?

every day, I feel less of it there

its as if when time goes by, my heart slowly refuses to care

what will you do when all the light has drained from my eyes?

What will you think when my truth turns into lies?

will you then be satisfied?

Did I deserve to have my heart ripped out and torn in two?

by simply being a little ahead of you?

your envy has blinded you to the sacrifieces I have made for you.

Things I gave up that I dearly loved

I saw your pain, in my own way, I reached out but all in vain

you trampled my sacrifice and gloated in my face

you rubbed it all in, wore your pride like fancy lace

my heart, so willing to give for you slowly withers and dies

it wont be capable of giving for long

yet your pride still flies

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