Deacon and the Hands

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The story begins with four teens having a fairly normal high school day, but they are suddenly swept into a world of secracy and death that is much bigger than them when they are told they must save the world from an evil man named Mr. Palpable. They find out that being super heroes isn't all perks, in fact, it isn't even remotly fun

Submitted: June 04, 2012

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Submitted: June 04, 2012



All around Blacksville High in Georgia, people were opening lockers. They were putting in jackets, taking out books, checking phones, and sticking gum in their pockets. Then they were slamming them shut and walking off to their 2nd hour classes.

Deacon Baine had geometry. There were a few minutes left before the bell rang, so he lingered outside the door of his class. He was waiting for someone, someone who always passed by there on their way to ceramics class.

There she was. He could see her from way off. He’d know that smile anywhere.

That was the thing about Skye. She was always smiling.

Skye saw him watching her, so she waved. He beamed and waved back. But as she reached him, her smile faded.

As Skye’s smile faded, so did Deacon’s. “Hey…” he started, “you okay?”

“Yeah, sure, I’m fine,” she reassured him. Deacon looked at her, raising one eyebrow.

“Okay, maybe not fine. I… had a weird dream last night and you… you were wearing that shirt, those shoes, those pants,” she said, a little nervously. “It was a really scary dream… something bad happened to you… and to me. To all of us.”

“Hey, it’s alright. I’m sure it’s just a weird coincidence.”

“Yeah, maybe. But you were standing right there… in that same place… and then…” she paused for a long while, her mind had wandered off.

“Yeah?” Deacon said, “And then?” He looked at her. “We don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want.” He really didn’t want to impose.

“No, no. It’s just… it really scared me.” That was when the bell rang.

Deacon sat at his desk and took notes, but his mind was elsewhere. “I wonder what’s up…” he thought. He didn’t want to worry himself too much, though. “I guess I’ll talk to her later,” he thought. Then, he put it out of his mind for the rest of class. It wasn’t much use to him when all he wanted was to find x in the next triangle.

When class ended he walked over to where his friend Zindel sat. Zindel was gathering his stuff into a heap to take to the next class. He looked up at Deacon. “Hey D!” he shouted. Zindel didn’t know the meaning of quiet. “You gonna come and game with us tonight? Friday, you know. I got that new-“

“Can’t,” Deacon interrupted. “Got to stay home with my little sister.”

“Aww, come on,” Zindel complained. “Can’t she just take care of herself for one night?”

Deacon gave him a look. Zindel put his hands in the air as if he were a criminal, cornered by the police. “Hey, hey. I was just kidding!” he said, grinning.

The teacher was waving frantically for them to get out and go to the next class, so they made their way towards the door. When Deacon pulled the door open, the entire atmosphere of his school had changed.

People were screaming and crying, people were running. There seemed to be a general chaotic mood about the place. Deacon stepped out of the class cautiously and headed for his locker. As he walked, panic surrounded him. People seemed to be terrified. He saw one girl vomit all over the floor when she opened her locker. “What the hell is going on?” Zindel demanded from behind him. Deacon had forgotten he was even there. “Not sure…” he mumbled. “Go to your locker and see if anyone knows. That is, if someone will calm down enough to talk to you… I’ll head to mine and do the same. If things are really looking bad, we meet at Skye’s locker.”

Zindel almost protested, but instead he just ran off. Deacon went to his locker, as planned. The crowds of people were nearly impossible to shove through. They were like a stampede of buffalo in a panic, except instead of all going the same way their directions all seemed to conflict each other. He opened his locker to put his things inside. There was no way he could have known what was coming.

In the top compartment of his locker there was a hand.  A human hand, and a pool of blood that soaked his loose papers. His eyes grew wide. The bone stuck out in a way that made him feel uncomfortably distressed. He turned around and saw other students opening their lockers to the same horror.

Then, he thought of Skye, and he ran. He booked it down the hall like his life depended on it. When he got to her locker, it was too late. She was pressed against the door hard. Her hands trembled and tears were streaked on her cheeks. Deacon laid his hand on her shoulder, and she inhaled sharply. “It’s all coming true. The dream, it was all real,” she shuddered. Just then, Zindel came running up to them at full speed. He skidded to a stop, panting, “Guys… we have to get out of here! It’s a total madhouse!” Deacon turned to him and nodded. Zindel was right, the only thing left to do was get out.

But then, the fire alarm started to blare. Teachers came out of their rooms and started corralling kids towards the exits. Zindel, Deacon, and Skye started to follow the crowd out of the building, but a voice called after them. Deacon turned to see their friend Dree. She was trying to push through the crowd and catch up to them, but no one seemed to notice her. She was one of the shortest kids at school. Zindel started pushing through the crowd to get to her. He was much more forceful than her, and moved much quicker.

Skye tugged on Deacon’s arm. “We have to get out of here! Or else we’re all going to die!” she cried. “Don’t worry,” he said. “I won’t let that happen, I promise.” But he wasn’t so sure on the inside. He had a terrible feeling that everything was turning sour all too quickly. It was odd for him to think yesterday everything had been so sweet, so calm, and so normal.

It was like they had run through a battle field when Zindel and Dree returned. Zander carried Dree on his back like a little wounded soldier. She hopped down. “Sorry guys, I tried to get to you as fast as I could,” she apologized. “That’s fine,” Deacon said. “But we need to get going.”

The group made their way towards the door, sticking together as best they could the whole way. They were nearly there when someone stopped them. It was a tough looking man wearing a suit that was coal black from head to toe and a silver tie. He planted himself in front of them and would not be moved. There were two men by his sides wielding guns.

Skye screamed, and Deacon began to feel extremely uneasy. Between Skye’s dreadful screaming and the way the man stood like a mountain before them, something just didn’t seem right. Deacon stood frozen, unsure whether to press on or run back.

But Zindel had already made his decision. He charged the man, prepared to lay a solid punch in the middle of his face. But the man moved quickly. In one swift move he stepped aside, pulled a syringe from his pocket, and plunged the needle into Zindel’s neck. Zindel dropped like a bird who had hit a window.

Next the man ran at Skye. He grabbed her wrist and injected something from a syringe in his other pocket. Deacon came at him, but the man punched him in the face before he could even make a move. He fell to the floor. He had never been punched harder in his life. He felt like everything in his face had been broken. He tried to lift his head, but something poked his neck. He felt a chill rush through his veins. And then he blacked out.

Fragments of light penetrated Deacon’s eyes as he tried to blink them open. When he finally came to, he found himself staring at a blank white wall. He was sitting on the floor. He looked to his left to see Zindel, who didn’t seem to be awake yet. On his right he saw Skye. She was awake, and her eyes were wide. She was staring blankly ahead. He looked past her to see Dree curled up in the corner, still asleep as well.

The room was nothing but white except for a big metal door. Even the floor was just cold white linoleum. Deacon didn’t get up. He didn’t even move. His face throbbed. He touched his hand to his cheek and felt a short line of stitches.

The door creaked. Deacon clenched his fists. He was very afraid of the thought of an unknown stranger coming into this room. The door swung open. It was the man from earlier. He walked into the room as though he were a very confident man who was there strictly on business.

Deacon’s heart quickened, but he showed no fear. He gave the man a hard cold stare. The man’s eyes softened. He gave a small chuckle, but it only made Deacon feel worse. “So sorry about your face, young man. I think I may have overdone it a bit. My apologies as well to the rest of you, I believe me and my men may have taken you by surprise,” said the man. He paused now as if waiting for a response. Deacon looked about to see that his friends had all awoken. No one said anything, so the man went on. “No doubt you have many questions. Please feel free to speak up.” The silence resumed for a moment. Then Zindel spoke, quietly but angrily, “How about, what the hell is your problem? We were in the middle of a god damn crisis and you just stood there blocking the exits! Then you inject me with god knows what and we all wake up in this place! What the hell do you want?!”

“Now, I understand you’re upset. But I trust me, I meant no harm. I simply had to get you here as fast as possible. There was no time to explain,” he looked up in thought, then said distantly,” and there’s little time to explain now…”

“Just, tell us what you mean,” said Dree, sounding a bit exasperated. “Why is all of this happening? Why are we here?”

“Well, to put it bluntly,” he looked at them almost pitifully, “We need you to save the world.”

Everyone fell silent. The four of them were all feeling so lost now. Everything was happening much too fast.

“From what?!” raged Zindel. “As far as I can tell nothing was wrong with this world until you and your posy came and turned the school into a madhouse!”

“Now slow down a minute… My ‘posy’ and I certainly didn’t cause the panic in your school. That was all caused by an awful man who calls himself ‘Mr. Palpable’. He is the very reason you’re here.  We need you to put end to his insistent toiling and shenanigans.”

Deacon decided to speak now. “What has he done that’s so horrible? Has he really offended the government so badly that you’re resorting to teens for help?”

“This man has done countless horrible things. The severed hands you discovered this morning are from all the killing’s he’s done in just this past year.  He’s been at this sort of thing for ten years now, and not only have we had to deal with it, we’ve also had to hide all of these terrible disasters from the general public. We need you to get rid of him once and for all, to exterminate him. If you don’t, it’s likely he’ll soon have the whole world in his hands.”

“Why? Why us? We’re high school students… I don’t think there’s much we can do for you…”

“Now that’s where you’re wrong. The people of this government are not dumb, Deacon. They know what they need and they know when they see it. They saw it in you. They saw it in all of you.”

“Saw what?” Dree questioned.

“They saw your academic skill, your athleticism, but most of all your strong connection with each other. The four of you are extremely compatible. You work incredibly well together. That is the most important thing. Mr. Palpable is a lone wolf, so he is much more accustomed to one-on-one combat. Sending an entire team of fighters at him is sure to throw him off of his guard.”

“But… how can we possibly defeat him?” Dree asked. “Mr… Uh…”

“Mr. Sorenson,” the man offered.

“Mr. Sorenson, I really find it hard to believe. I mean that the government would think four teenagers alone can save the world?”

“Not alone,” Mr. Sorenson corrected. “We’re going to give you some tools, some special abilities to assist you. In short, we’re going to transform you into real-world superheroes.”

“No!” Skye cried out suddenly. She hadn’t spoken yet, but she was clutching Deacon’s arm fearfully. “Skye? What’s wrong Skye?” Deacon said. She was really starting to worry him. “We… we can’t let him do that…” she whispered urgently. “I don’t know why… it has something to do with our deaths… Something in my dream, but I can’t quite remember…”

Deacon squeezed her hand. “We’ll get through this. We have to trust this guy. We have no other choice,” he coaxed. “Please, just forget about your dream. It isn’t reality. It’s alright.”

Skye looked up at him. She looked tired. But she still had that little glimmer of optimism she always carried around in her dark green eyes. “Okay,” she sighed.

Mr. Palpable seemed to be ignoring their quiet little conversation. When they were finished though he said, “I should give you some warnings about Mr. Palpable before I send you off to be altered. The first is that he’s very strong, and if you don’t fight he will kill all of you. Also, he’s intelligent. It’s likely he’ll know that you’re coming and he’ll try and deceive you or get you to be on his side. Don’t be swayed. Don’t even give him a chance to speak if you can help it. The last thing you must know is that he has a habit of going after his enemies families once he’s slaughtered them. If you don’t survive, the rest of your family likely won’t either.”

Deacon felt a pain in his chest at these words. He thought of his younger sister, who was only six. She didn’t deserve to lose her life over something like this.

“Well,” Zindel began, “Let’s just get this over with already.”

In the next five minutes they were all taken to separate rooms. They were each laid down on a cold metal table and given a sedative. Then they each drifted off in to a deep and heavy sleep.

Zindel was the first to wake. A woman with red curls stood over him and said “Now we’re going to run some tests.” First, they put him in a tank and observed him treading water. He found it exceptionally easy. He said, “I never knew I could get such a buzz from swimming.” The woman smiled, “You couldn’t. Not until today.” Zindel said nothing back. A terrible pain had suddenly struck him. It was the worst in his jaw and his knuckles. He looked down at his knuckles to see eight pearly white claws perturbing from them. He tried to scream, but all that came out was a deep menacing snarl. In agony he yelled, “What have you done to me? What have you done?!”

Skye was awakening in a room not so far away. A blonde woman stood over her. “Don’t say anything,” Skye whispered. “You’re going to tell me that you need to run some tests.” The woman nodded. “I want to see my file first,” Skye told her. The woman didn’t question how she knew about the file. She just left to go and get them.

In Skye’s file it said many things about her. Personal things that she had thought only she knew about herself. But that didn’t really matter now. She looked down to where it said, “new abilities”. There were only two things listed, “Extreme problem solving” and “Photographic memory”.

Dree’s eyes popped open across the hall. She felt herself examining the room. She almost instantly saw every detail, every word written, every color and shade. She could smell perfumes, medicines, metal, cement, blood, sweat, and much more. Everything seemed to have its own distinct scent. The brunette who stood over her was so much more than just a woman now. She was made up of billions of little smells and details. And sounds. She heard her breath, her heart beating, her bones creaking. It was terrifying. The woman spoke, quietly, for she knew Dree would cringe at any noise too loud, “I need to run some small tests on you now.”

“Alright,” Dree said, trembling. Her blue-grey eyes quivered, and her feathered black hair stuck out all over. Her pale skin was more pale than usual. Everything about the situation made her ill. “I’ll need you to give me your hand,” the woman said. Dree stuck it out for the woman, who held it lightly. “Now, can you try cooling down a bit for me?” she asked. Dree did it without thinking. Her temperature dropped to about 20 degrees Fahrenheit. “Very good. Now heat up,” the woman said. This was done just as easily. Dree’s temperature rushed up to 115.

Now Deacon woke up. His head was throbbing and his bones ached. His hands were in pain. Mr. Sorenson himself stood over him. “How are you feeling?” he inquired. Deacon groaned. “Well, that’s to be expected I suppose,” Mr. Sorenson said. He wore sunglasses, which Deacon didn’t like. It made him feel like he was being deceived. Mr. Sorenson had Deacon stand and face a wall. “Now please close your eyes and look up,” instructed Mr. Sorenson. Deacon obeyed. Mr. Sorenson counted to five and then said, “Now open them and look at the wall.” As Deacon did so, a blinding light came from his eyes and shone on the wall. It stayed for about 3 seconds, and then stopped. “Good, good,” Mr. Sorenson said. Deacon said nothing, but he massaged his temples. Shooting light out of his eyes only made his headache worse.

In another five minutes they were all back in the white room together. Without Mr. Sorenson, that is. They all stood, nervous about what was to come. They all had pains, or headaches. They all felt a little sick or dizzy. No one was happy or excited. No one wanted to know what came next.

Without Mr. Sorenson in the room, Skye decided to ask a question. “Well,” she said, “do you guys want to know what I found in your files?”

Dree looked bemused. “We have files? You saw our files?”

Skye nodded. “They planned out how they would alter us long before we came here. They’ve been watching us. What’s more, they knew all this was all going to happen.”

Zindel looked completely disgusted. “Well? What was in our files?”

“Dree,” Skye began, “They planned on heightening all of your senses and giving you control of your own internal body temperature. They call you ‘the sensitive one’. Zindel, they gave you extremely powerful jaws and sharper canines. You now also have extreme swimming and climbing skills. Oh, and they altered your vocal chords so that when your voice hits a certain decibel-“

“Gah! Don’t remind me! I can only roar like a stupid cat. And I’ve got these weird-ass claws on my hands. I just want to get out of this place,” Zindel said, leaning his head and fists on the wall.

“We all do,” Deacon said. “We all wish things were back to normal. But they’re not, and we’re going to have to face up to that fact.”

All he got from Zindel was a sour look. “Skye?” Deacon said, “Did it say anything about me?”

“Yeah it said more durable bones and strengthened hands. It also said something about a ‘flash blink’.”

“Oh, that? Here let me show it to you.”

He demonstrated it on a nearby wall. The other three looked pretty amazed. “Impressive, Mr. Baine,” said Mr. Sorenson from the doorway. “You’re learning quickly. Are the four of you ready to leave now?”

Riding in a helicopter was something Deacon hadn’t done yet. “I guess I can take this off of my bucket list,” he said to himself. Dree was breathing fast. There was a lot of sound where they were, and she had trouble handling that calmly. Zindel was half smiling. It was the happiest he had looked since they’d left their 2nd hour class. “I always wanted to do this,” he said gazing out the window. Skye sat silently, hands clasped.

“So where exactly are we headed?” Deacon shouted. It was hard to hear with the wings of the copter beating. Mr. Sorenson was sitting right next to him. He pointed at the window. “See those trees down there?” he yelled back. Deacon knew them well. It was the forest where he used to walk all the time when he when he wanted to be alone, when he wanted some peace. “Yeah, I see them,” he said expressionlessly. The forest was always his safe place. Things were looking very grim. Soon they were hovering right over it. “Has everyone got their vests and weapons?” Mr. Sorenson questioned. There was a general nodding among the four of them. “Alright! Now, when you get down there, do whatever you can to stop Mr. Palpable! We’ve taken many years to locate him, this is our chance to finish him off! He won’t be difficult to find, but he’ll be very difficult to kill!”

Skye shuddered at the word. Kill. Mr. Sorenson lowered a rope ladder down in to the forest. “Deacon you’re up first,” he said. Deacon climbed out of the copter feet first. He concentrated on his hands as he made his way down. They were about 30 feet from the end of the rope.

When Deacon was about halfway down the rope they sent Dree. Her hands shook as she went, but she moved swiftly with the aid of her acute senses. Each time she moved her hands or feet it took her no time at all to locate the new rung.

When Deacon reached the end of the ladder, he was at the tree tops. He reached over to a thick looking oak and swung himself on to a thick branch. Dree followed. Then they both looked up to see Skye on her way down. She looked confident. When she got to the end of the rope she said, “Dree, what can you see down there below the rope, beyond the treetops?”

“Well… A lot… there’s a little creek, some big branches sticking out, a couple boulders…”

“Okay thanks,” Skye interrupted. Then she swung the rope and pushed off of the oak with her feet. When it swung back the other way she jumped off. Deacon gave a yell. Dree stopped him with her hand on his shoulder. “It’s alright. She made a safe landing on one of the lower branches,” she reassured him.

Now Zindel made his way down the rope. He had adept climbing skills now, and did the task swiftly. When he reached the end he jumped off like Skye had, but without pushing off of the oak. Deacon didn’t yell this time, but his heartbeat quickened. Dree watched Zindel fall very closely, and then she turned to Deacon and gave him a little smile and a thumbs-up.

The four of them climbed down and then stood around the creek. Everyone was silent. They were each looking for a sign, listening for the smallest sound.

In the silence, Deacon’s thoughts ran wild. What if Skye was right? What if it was all going to be over? It wasn’t like her to be negative. From the day they met she had always seemed happy. He could remember that day so clearly.

He always used to go to the library, but it was strictly secret. The last thing he needed was another reason for the guys at school to make fun of him. He would sit in a leather chair at the furthest corner of the room. There were no windows over there, and there were book shelves surrounding it. He felt alone there, but he also felt free.

One day he heard a whisper through the shelves. “Mind if I join you?”

That was the first time he saw Skye’s smile. They’d been friends since then.

Every day he’d known her she was happy. When things went wrong for him, she always knew the right thing to say. It terrified him that not even she seemed to have answers now. But what scared him the most was that her smile had been gone since all of this had started.

Suddenly Dree whispered “He’s coming.” And Deacon snapped out of his thoughts.

Everyone was silent for the next five minutes, hearts racing as they waited for his approach.

Then, a man stepped out of the trees. He wore a sort of long black cloak. There was a hood, but he let it lay between his shoulder blades rather than on his head. His hair was black as well, and mangled. But the most striking thing about him was his eyes. At first glance, they were mean and harsh, unforgiving and terrifying. But if you looked again you could see that there was something else in them. It was sadness.

He did not move. “I am Mr. Palpable. I deliver truth to this world,” he said monotonously. “Everything you know about me is a lie,” he went on, “I am not an evil man. I simply saw where our world was headed, and I took action.”

“That’s enough talk!” Dree shouted. She ran at him, her hands rising to a burning hot temperature. He stuck his arm out and she flew backwards.

“You’d be best off to let me finish,” he snarled. “They probably told you that they’ve had a great trouble tracking me down. That’s another lie. I’ve set up a tracking device for them myself, so they always know where I am. Five years, and they’ve always known. I wanted them to come and face up to me once and for all. But they didn’t stop me. They said they had better uses for their time and money.”

Dree tried again, he threw her back, harder this time. This time she struck a tree. Zindel ran to her.

“And now they send out innocent children like you to face me. They call you super heroes and tell you to go ‘save the world’. You’re just like I was when they came for me, ignorant.”

Zindel gave him a look that was filled with hate. “That’s enough!” he yelled. He charged Mr. Palpable. Deacon ran in to back him up.

But as they neared him Mr. Palpable ran away. He jumped up in to the treetops with a few impressive leaps. Then they could see him no longer. Zindel climbed up after him. Deacon stayed aground, his eyes shifting about. He could hear them yelling at each other.

“You don’t have to follow them blindly! You could join with me!”

“No way!” Zindel screamed.

“We could be the most powerful force to ever rise against them. I’m telling you, what they’re doing is wrong!”

“Just shut up! We’re not going to help you!”

There was silence. Then, “It’s too bad. It’s really just too bad.”

“Come back out you coward! Where are you?!” Zindel yelled.

Dree was struggling for consciousness after being slammed against a tree. Her senses were still amazingly high, but that only made her dizzier. It only made the world around her spin faster. She could hear Mr. Palpable’s heart beating and she could hear his controlled but still noisy breath. But there was nothing she could do to stop him from coming for her while she struggled for consciousness.

Deacon glanced around wildly. He looked over at Dree and was horrified. A rope was tied around the tree, binding her neck to it, and her eyes were rolled back. There was nothing left of her now.

Even so, Deacon and Skye ran to her. “Dree!” Skye screamed in agony. Deacon tore the rope off of her. Skye shook her now. “Dree… don’t do this…” Skye said. She laid her head on Dree’s shoulder and cried.

“I really hate to take it this far,” Mr. Palpable said from behind them. “But you give me no choice.”

Zindel jumped down from the trees and landed on Mr. Palpable’s back. He dug his claws into his shoulders. Mr. Palpable gave a yell as blood started to dampen his cloak. Zindel made to bite his neck, but Mr. Palpable twisted Zindel’s arm back and wedged it between his own teeth. Zindel bit down hard.

The roaring was horrible as Zindel withdrew his arm from his teeth. Mr. Palpable threw him down on the ground. Zindel writhed in pain. Deacon rose to come and help him, but Mr. Palpable took Zindel’s bloody arm and sunk the claws of his hand deep into his neck. Zindel gurgled as Mr. Palpable held him there.

Deacon made a decent punch in the middle of the back of Mr. Palpable’s head. However, he was too late. Zindel was already dead.

Mr. Palpable stood up and reached his hand over his shoulder. As Skye watched the scene from where she was crouched next to Dree’s body, her mind whirred. She remembered there was something on his back. She had seen it when he had jumped up into the trees. It was a sword.

She got there just as the sword would have plunged into Deacon’s stomach. Instead, she let the cold blade slide into her own. Everything seemed slow as she fell back into him. The world was leaving her.

Tears blinded Deacon now. But he closed eyes and let light gather in them. Then he unleashed it all on Mr. Palpable and watched him fall, his eyes burning. Now he took Skye in his arms and whispered to her, “Everything will be alright.” She smiled. It was the last time he saw her smile.

It was just him and Mr. Palpable. All of his best friends were gone. They were all dead. He was so alone. The loneliness struck him like an arrow.

“What’s the point,” he thought. “there’s no point in going on. There’s nothing left for me now.”

Mr. Palpable punched him so hard in the stomach that he coughed up blood. But he didn’t make a move.

“Without them, I’m nothing,” he thought. Mr. Palpable punched him again. More blood.

“Nothing. There’s nothing left for me,” he thought.

Mr. Palpable made an uppercut at his chin. He fell.

“Nothing…” he muttered.

Then Mr. Palpable lifted up his head and slammed it against the ground. As he started to black out, he could hear Mr. Palpable say “It seems so wrong, hurting a kid like him.”

Deacon opened his eyes, but he didn’t need to. It was just as dark with them open as it was with them closed.

In truth, he wasn’t sure if he was awake yet. He felt cold concrete all around him. He tried a flashblink to see if he could make out anything. From what he could tell he was in a small room with concrete walls, ceiling, and floor. That was all he was able to figure out. His head was pounding, and he couldn’t tell if it was from being punched or from using the flashblink.

Shards of light suddenly pierced the darkness. Deacon shielded his eyes for a moment, then slowly adjusted to the light. It was coming through three small slits in the wall that had just opened up. A voice came through the opening.

“When I was ten years old, they came into my apartment,” stated Mr. Palpable. “They told me I was excelling in school, they said I was a star athlete. They told me that I had a brilliant future ahead of me, and that it was all going to begin right then.”

Deacon had nothing to say. He was worn down. He was tired.

“They cut me open, Deacon,” he said, faltering when he spoke his name. “They used me. I was their little experiment, just a fun little game for them to play. They said that I would be used to help the military, that once they were done with me they would use what they’d learn to give useful powers to soldiers. They said that in the end I would be disposed, disgarded. They said there would be no further use for me. When they were finished with me, they were sorry. They had poked, prodded, and dissected me for five years. I was 15 years old, and I was angry. I knew more about the under workings of this government than any citizen ever had before. I started to take them down, slowly but surely. I saw them bringing in kids like me all the time, and I didn’t like it. Some of those kids were much too young, ages of 5 and 6. It was too much for me. Everything they did only added to my fury.” He sighed a heavy sigh. “What upset me the most was that they knew what I was doing. They knew I was taking them apart, but they did nothing to stop me. They thought I was the perfect opportunity to put some use to all of their experimenting, the perfect opportunity to endanger the lives of more young people.” He paused in thought.

“Do you remember the hands you found this morning?”

Deacon cringed at the memory. It was where it had all began.

“Those were the severed hands of the young and innocent children who died, in the name of science, under the close watch of this government.”

Deacon’s eyes were wide. All he felt was sadness for those hundreds of souls.

“I was trying to send a message.” Silence filled the room like a thick smoke. Deacon closed his eyes. “What are you going to do with me?” he asked.

“I’m not going to kill you,” Mr. Palpable said. “There have been enough deaths.”

Deacon felt a bit of relief before Mr. Palpable quickly added, “But I can’t let you leave here.”

“Why not?” Deacon said, feeling upset.

“It’s not safe out in the world for you anymore. They’ll do to you what they’ve done to all those other children, and I can’t let that happen. And besides that, you didn’t help your friends. All of you could have been saved, if only you had listened to me. You’re no better than Mr. Sorenson himself. You’re a murderer.”

Deacon gave himself a deranged smirk. “You’re mad,” he said. But he could feel himself sinking into madness as well.

“That may be,” Mr. Palpable said. “But at least I’m not crazy.”

He started to walk away from the shaft, but he came back.

“Do you know the other reason you can never leave here?”

“What’s that?” Deacon said


“You know too much.”

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