Bye bye

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Unconditional love for a celebrity can hurt like hell.

Submitted: October 28, 2013

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Submitted: October 28, 2013



I wish I was already dead

I can feel the imaginary bullet

Blood dripping from my head


I have got to cuddle you

Or else I’ll commit suicide

I fell for that cute look

In your eyes


Fuck me, fuck me

I need you now

Though I’ve never met you

I love you somehow


Though you’re four times my age

It’s you who I adore

If I told this to other people

They would call me a slut, a whore


They don’t know the love I feel

The never dying hope

That you will hug me someday

And I won’t choose for the rope


Will I go for the overdose

A rope or a gun?

I don’t know just yes

I love you, hun


Bye bye, my love

Now you are dead

I’ll take this gun

And drag it across my head


Will I do it, yes or no?

Wait a sec, I was having a go

Of course I’ll do it

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