The Playground

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A story about days of more relaxed times.

Submitted: February 21, 2010

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Submitted: February 21, 2010



She sits on the soft playground mat, and watches her two friends climb up the monkey bars. Alice gazes at them with a playful chuckle and then her attention is directed to the bright ball in the sky; the sun. She quickly blinks and her focus is back onto her two friends; Frieda and Haley. They laugh at each other's lame but humorous attempts to sit still on the tall monkey bar. Alice picks her camera up from next to her, and stands up. She looks at her two friends again and laughs, "You guy's are crazy." 

It was during lunch, and her friends and her were at the kid's playground fooling around. They weren't ten or twelve but almost turning fourteen. They made it a promise to always go to the playground after eating, their idea of a serene place, where childish ideas were made mature and mature ones childish. They needed a break from all the middleschool to highschool transition rush. Where teacher's nag on students to be more ready and serious about their work, and where they would just sit in their seats and sigh, waiting for the same lecture to be done with. The playground was their spot, their memory making place, their fun making place. Anything really related to positivity.

"ALICE! GET UP HERE!" Freida said as she gained balance, she waved her hands gesturing for Alice to use the same insane method she had. Alice usually wore a skirt and for exactly this reason; to aviod being asked to climb on monkey bars. She shook her hand as her finger pressed on the capture button on her camera. This is definetly a moment to record. Alice thought. "I'm fine here." She replied, "Plus someone has to record you two fooling around. We need for the future!" Alice laughed as she emphasized on the word she could hardly understand, making Frieda and Haley laugh loudly back. "You're so cute." Haley laughed. Alice started to walk slowly around them to get a hilarious view of them purpously sticking their butts out. She laughed and then faced them again. "I am going to miss you guys when I move."

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