Writing Burst; December 17, 2012

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These small writing bursts are ideas I write. If you want to use them, please do feel free to. These are just ideas I write on when I am in writers block with my novel. If I do post at the end that I will be using it.. That means the idea is taken by myself.

Today's small writing burst will be about what is coming up here soon. The Mayan Calender End. This should get fun.

Submitted: December 17, 2012

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Submitted: December 17, 2012



Sophia peeks her head out the metal door of the bunker, deep under the Earth's surface. It seemed calm, but she wasn't totally sure.

"Hello?" She called out, looking at the other doors. All of them where sealed tight, perhaps a mechanical defect. As she walked back into her metal chamber, she looked about.

"It's a day's hike up to the surface... I will pack enough food for a week" Sophia muttered as she fingered the dry sealed packs of food and many gallons of fresh water from a spring in Iceland. Oddly enough, the air inside her bunker was eeiry and cold. Something had to be wrong with the machines. But alas, Sophia ignored this and grabbed a bag from the hooks on the wall, stowing away much food and many many gallons of water. After an hour, she stepped out again. Still silent and cold.

"Sheesh... It's like all the people are.. Uh... Frozen.. Yea, frozen." Sophia said aloud. She was half hoping someone would hear her. But nobody did. What Sophia did not know what deep in the bunkers, the people had burned away from deadly toxins in the air. How Sophia survived, I am not quite sure. Perhaps she had some sort of resistance to it when her own mother was exposed to it while Sophia was still in the womb or perhaps because her father was a scientist, tainted with the toxin in his very blood. But Sophia still walked on, her footsteps loud and echoing. The mood seemed dim to her, so she clicked on her flashlight and started to sing.

"Oh walking down a hallway, dodo. Walking down a hallway, treelee! Nothin else to do but walk down this hallway and make up random songs. Treeleelee, Tralala. Making up random songs" She sung to herself, keeping her mood uplifted. As you might tell, Sophia was rather childish at her age. She was going on thirty eight and still was a 3 year old at heart. "Singing a song... All day long. Lalalalala... La... la... la.."

As Sophia's stomach growled madly, it was time for a pit stop. Instantly, Sophia crashed to a halt and opened her bag. Inside, she had her choice of so much food. Out of all of it, she pulled cake. "Just add water! How nifty!" She spoke to herself as she poured a little too much water to it. The cake came out soggy, but Sophia still ate. She was rather overweight, so she didn't mind. It was cake, who didn't like cake? Sophia took a quick bathroom break and watched the liquid go down the slope like a small stream, then returning to her hike. She had not gone more than 50 yards before she was out of breath. And she could still see her bunker, just barely.

"Perhaps... It is time for a nap" She yawned, laying down on the slope and closing her eyes. Sleep hit her like a ton of bricks.




So, let's sum up Sophia.

Sophia is a middle aged women in her late thirties. She is overweight and has health problems (perhaps diabetes). She seems to be resistant to a rare toxin that was used in the building of the bunkers. Her parents both seemed to be scientists, yet she is rather dumb and childish. Perhaps she had a bad childhood, or she did not want her childhood to end.


Let's sum up the plot of this little bit.


It seems to be in the later years of 2020, after the world has ended. Some people went to bunkers where they would remain in a frozen state until the Earth had healed the fires and such. The bunkers seem to have alot of food and might be in Iceland. It seems the bunkers where ready incase some people woke up early. It also seems that the wires had fried out in many of the bunkers, the select few that didn't might have other suriviors who can repopulate. Or just more dead people that Sophia can eat. Who knows?

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