apoctalyptic paradise

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what my paradise would be

Submitted: October 09, 2012

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Submitted: October 09, 2012




Apocalyptic paradise

A place of rest

A place for peace

That is what is NOT for me

Rest, bah!

Horrible, horrible

My paradise is a world that has constant action, no more couch potatoes

It’s survive or die.

No more pampered “celebrities” that make so much money that they pay people to say that their beautiful.

No more “politics” it’s every man for themselves

For some hell, for me a paradise

 A place where there is no more peace

But a constant fight

Where you force each other to see the light

Where you don’t need to worry about grades

But where you need to worry about avoiding Hades

No more currency and so no more greed

It will make you see

That the world we have today is a foul, foul place

Where adults don’t need to worry about pay

But worry about living to see another day

Where there are no words that can hurt you

No one can hurt me now

Because with my last breath I am happy, because my world came out ok and I know that this world will live to see another day.

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