the maddness of the laughing death

Poem by: theisdarkstar


Submitted: December 06, 2012

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Submitted: December 06, 2012



The beginning of the end

This is the beginning, the beginning of the end

I feel the bombs hit the asphalt, the shrapnel destroying everything around me.

But yet I live, I feel my chest, my heart still beats


I walk through the ruins of the city, wallowing in my despair, the dead whispering in my ear.

Why am I still alive?

The war destroyed all I held dear, I am nothing but an empty shell wandering the ruins of a city.

I hear footsteps, I turn a gun appears in my hand.

I feel a bullet embed itself in my chest; I stagger, preparing to die.

But yet I live


I hear myself laugh, but this laughter is not my own, I point the gun at the man

“Now die”

I pull the trigger

More footsteps, more gunshots

I feel countless bullets enter my body, but I will not die


The world has betrayed me,

So I will fight it.

I laugh and dance as the bodies pile up, my madness consuming everything

the soldiers keep coming, and I keep killing

I hear more footsteps, I load my gun, smiling

 I point my gun at the man; I see his face and realize who it is

An old friend that left for the military, I come back to my senses,

But it is too late, I pull the trigger

I feel a bullet enter my skull, I fall to the ground, dead


I open my eyes

I hear singing, I look around me

I am amongst my friends once again.

A smile graces my lips, and I add my voice to the song of fate, cruel as it may be


© Copyright 2017 theisdarkstar. All rights reserved.

the maddness of the laughing death

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry


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