Sunny with a chance of dejection

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i depressing song about nature and how people turn their back on you.

Submitted: September 02, 2009

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Submitted: September 02, 2009



I sit here in the feild

and pick blades of grass

i fold them up and rip them up

and throw them to the sky

i then lay down, stare at the sky

and watch all of the clouds

from the sun they all run

to the other side

the sun looks down to the ground

and sees the grass no longer dance

then the sun looks to the clouds

and sees there's none around

then the sun starts to cry

your smiling face is all i see'

beyond my pane of glass

thinking theres another world

on the other side i reach out

to touch the glass thinking i'll

go through but instead i hit

the glass and then i start to cry

all for not and never wonder why

now is the end as i swallow all of the asprin

i love you all but i must go and say goodbye...


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