A psychology called LOVE

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A self-opinion about the complicated journey of love in one's life.

Submitted: August 02, 2011

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Submitted: August 02, 2011



A psychology called LOVE

For my love……

It was very easy that I did not realise when I fell in love. I now realise that the after-experience of it makes the feeling of falling in love the most memorable, to be cherished and re-lived throughout our lives amidst the amazing roller-coaster ride of our feelings. It is true that the love of our life is the special gift with a price of commitment, trust, understanding and adjustments. I believe that it takes a life time to not just understand this but also to practise the same. Love always comes with surprises that test you for not just the respect you pay it but also for your tremendous patience and courage to face life filled with many such surprises – good, bad or worse. Love is indeed a lesson learnt everyday to KEEP your loved one happy and not just MAKE him happy.

It’s a complicated psychology, it’s a wonder sometimes, to be successful trying to figure out and respond appropriately to feelings of your loved one and ultimately making the living moments happy and memorable for the both. It’s a skill or probably luck or a mystery at large to find someone in the crowd whom you believe to understand with just silence and smile!! I do still remember the ‘make-fall in love’ smile of my loved one and it always brings me the sweetest memories even when I am typing this. I believe it can only be a miracle that such unforgettable memories make us surrender our whole being to that person forever and it is always not a mistake. Love is one of those special experiences which can only be experienced and not explained…and definitely not explained through movies or romantic novels! I always find them misleading in the sense that love cannot always have a happy and a high journey or always end in break-ups or sacrifice. Love has its own memorable journey of happiness and contentment and someone has rightly quoted “forget quickly, love deeply”.

But what makes this journey difficult or even impossible at times that sometimes love is the most hated emotion? What is it which goes wrong when everything seems to be just fine? What is that which makes one say “stop bothering me and leave me alone”? The answers are of course as elusive as the questions!! Probably that is what makes love a difficult psychology. Love always demands only and only feeling the other’s feelings!! For some this is quite easy but for others it is just a pain. The bond sustains until this pain is sustained and then it is not long when the feeling of love brings sorrow to both. The journey quite does not end here, especially if the other person does not just love but is IN love with the other. The journey then becomes just a painful formality with one trying to forget and the other trying to remind the hard days. It is then indeed difficult. Nevertheless for the few lucky, love then formulates itself as a miracle which puts together fallen apart feelings. Love then has another name - faith – the faith of holding on when there is no hope.

I sometimes wonder what makes the other love and then dislike or hate the same person? Who has to be blamed for this cunning role of love which serves happiness now and only sorrow later? I believe that it’s the two people who have failed to understand love in its real sense. Love only gives and ONLY gives. It may sound hypothetical and difficult to practise but once realised it is spring time forever. Love is not meant to be begged for. Love never unites two beggars of love. Love demands one to be as simple as one’s self which is in fact the true beauty of the emotion. Love does not like fake emotions and concern. They never last for long. Love wants one to be just the person reflecting his own conscience. And above all, silence is a very reliable emotion and it is indeed a skill to be mastered!!

True love never just ends and definitely not with words. It is as difficult to forget a true love as it is to find one. This feeling if realised makes love another memorable beginning for both. It is now a fresh feeling of realisation and understanding. It is a commitment much stronger than what it was. A learning lesson to not repeat mistakes. Love has always been a mystery and its real intention is far from understanding and practising. Wisdom lies in taking in and enjoying every moment it blesses us with. Probably then may be the feeling of love really a happy feeling.

Good luck!!


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