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A dream of mine enjoy. A few mistakes sorry. The last word is his.

Submitted: January 17, 2015

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Submitted: January 17, 2015



Today I am going to write about one of favorite dreams. This story is rated PG13 due to moderate sexual situations. Names in the story have be changed to protect the identities of these characters.

  So this is how it all started.The dream begins with a young David waiting for schools end but first he had to go to his favorite class period because his girl crush. David has known this girl since middle school. (I'm in highschool now) He has liked her for the longest, but while in middle school he made the mistake of asking out her best friend. David knew that asking out is real crush Clea would be a bad idea. So now that David is in highschool and she is in one of his classes he thought this year was the year to make his move and today was the day it would all go down.

  David went to his sixth Period and he arrived before Clea, so he had time to sit down and relax. Then a wonderful heavenly light shines on me like it was for me and me only. Clea, the most beautiful girl David has ever seen. Clea as usual looked in his direction and smiled,and of course David smiled back. Clea exchanged glances at me from time to time throughout the class period. When the bell that marked the end of class finally rang, David walked up to Clea and started to have small talk with her. She seemed to be fully interested, but then as they were walking her friends draged her away from David. David tried to play it cool and just said,"I will see you later today." After that school felt like it would never end, but the final bell rang at 2:59 pm and David raced to Clea bus. She lived five minutes away from David so he thought he could sneak on her bus and try to talk to her when.......

  David see's her talking to her friend and he ducks down in his seat hoping she wouldn't sit close enough to see him. Luckily Clea and her friend sat in the third row seat to the right. David knew that was his chance to try and sneak in the seat behind them and listen in on there conversation. David walked silently to the seat behind Clea. David was very surprised to find out that Clea and her friend were talking about him. Clea friend said,"would you date David?" Clea sat for a while and thought about it. When she finally answered with a firm I don't know.Clea friend got off at the first stop, so David thought to himself should he sit next to her. His final conclusion was, no due to the fact He didn't want to come of as creepy. So Clea stop can up so David got off also, but He waited for her to get off first. He decided to go to the park instead of going home instantly. He knew his parents would be home late so he knew He had time. Once he got to the park he decided to sit down and think for a little when he heard a familiar voice.

  David heard the voice of Clea and lucky for David she was by herself. She walked up to him and she said, "Do you want to come to my house and take a shower my parents won't be home for a little." David nodded trying to keep his excitement under control. The two walked to Clea's and the walk was silent. When they got to her house she asked him if he wanted something to drink and David said no. David was expecting one shower,but instead she had two showers. One on the left, and one of the right. Clea went to the right shower and David went to the left shower. The showers were different than most. They were clear glass but the middle portions were blurred, so they could only see there feet and there faces. David and Clea in the separate showers started to undress and they threw there clothes over the railing. They both started to wash thoroughly when David built up enough confidence to ask a risky question....

  David asked Clea if he could see her boobs. She looked at him for a second and said no and laughed. David asked again and she looked away and silently said okay. David watched her very closely, inch herself up and cup her huge boobs on her side of the shower. This view to David was a dream come true. This also excited more than his eyes. Clea could not tell but he knew she had to leave the shower first so she couldn't see his excitement. She grabbed a towel after she turned of the water while still in the shower to cover herself. David still very confident asked if he can touch her boobs. She smiled and said okay. She pulled down her towel exposing her amazing young boobs. David reached out with both hands and grabbed a hold of them. They were nice and firm the way David likes them. He then put his mouth on her left breast and sucked on her nipple softly and her gently nibbled on her breast. Once he pulled away she seemed as if she enjoyed it, but it wasn't her face that told him this. It was her nice pointed outward nipples. She them grabbed David's towel and ran with it. David yelled her name in a friendly way. He told her to give it back, and she said come get it. David slowly walked out of the shower fully naked while slightly aroused. She was sitting waiting anxiously on the bed, wrapped in her towel and David's towel in her left hand. She looked down almost instantly and she smiled. David began to slowly run in her direction. 

 David was not running to get his towel he was running directly at her. He pushed her down softly and he laid down on top of her. They were both laughing while basically nose to nose. David began to move her towel from around her when she stopped his hand. David asked what's wrong and she said we shouldn't do this we aren't even dating. David lifted up a little and said the six magical words, "WILL YOU GO OUT WITH ME." She smiled and said of course I will. They passionately kissed, and David opened up her towel and slowly slide is........

The end

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