The Wrong Turn and The Wrong Time

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It's My first story and i hope you like it. anything i should change? anything i need to improve on?

the story is about a small group of people that go hiking to get to the peak of a mountain for the main characters wife's birthday. but they take a wrong turn somewhere and get lost.

Submitted: August 12, 2011

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Submitted: August 12, 2011



A Wrong Turn


By Tyler Thornton


Six weeks… it has been six weeks since we started climbing this mountain. We went off course and ended up lost in a cold, harsh, unforgiving part of a mountain. Me my wife Bonnie, her friend Amy Collins, and my two friends Johnson and Andy climbed this mountain for Bonnie’s birthday. She has always wanted to reach the peak of the tallest mountains in each continent. This was the second mountain we tried to climb to the peak of. The first was just a practice mountain for getting ready for the harder mountains.

Everything went well until we went of course, we took a wrong turn and everything went downhill from there. We only packed some food, water, a map, oxygen, and a radio. The radio died and the map was blown away from the harsh winds.  We tried to head down the mountain but it seemed to never end and all we saw was more and more ice, snow, and rocks. We lost the rest of the group. I hoped that they made it. I prayed they made it. But I don’t know. I fell asleep every night wondering, am I going to die, will I wake up, will jasmine, my only daughter live with her grandmother, will we make to the peak, will I make it, all the thoughts racing through my head I couldn’t take it.

Me and Bonnie walked and saw the frozen corpse of Amy. As Bonnie cried I scavenged what food I could, about five slices of bread and one energy bar. Then there was a sickening thought in my head. Should… should we take the body for… food. No, no we can’t that is Amy’s friend, she was a person, a human. I can’t eat another human, its wrong.

We need food, we need to stay alive.

No…I can’t eat a human. I said.

You need to stay alive, Paul.

I TOLD YOU I CAN’T! I yelled.

You need to survive.

NO NO NO I CANT EAT HER BODY, GET OUT OF MY HEAD! I stopped yelling to realize, I’m yelling… at myself. Was I going mad? I turned to see Bonnie staring at me with a scared and horrified look on her face.

Kill her.


If you won’t eat Amy’s frozen corpse, kill and cook Bonnie’s.


She will die soon and you know it kill her now.


Use the knife in your jacket.


Me and Bonnie walked on and made a small camp with a tent. I placed a small bed and left to go to the bathroom and think. I came back to see Bonnie removing her jacket I told her to put it back on. She looked at me like as a small child would after you took their toy away. I put it back on her. She then took the knife from my jacket and tried to stab me. She was able to cut my arm. I felt nothing. The cold killed the feeling in my arm. I stared at her and she cried. She seemed unable to speak. Like she was losing her mind. I took the knife from her and patched my wound. When I looked back she was throwing up. She then was lying on her side. I went over and lied beside her. I kissed her forehead and said “I love you Bonnie.” She looked up and mumbled something. I’m sure it was “I love you to Paul.”

When I awoke I saw her under the bed. She was not breathing. I looked at her with tears forming in my eyes. I began to cry. Then I heard something.

You should have killed her Paul.

Why, I loved her. I said between tears.

You should have killed her, but you didn’t.

The voice was sounding more real, like a person was here with me talking.

You should have killed her so she didn’t suffer.

But you let her suffer. Did you even love her?


Silence. I heard nothing. I stop crying to look at Bonnie. I picked her up and left the tent. I walked up. I walked up the mountain. I walk for what filled like forever. The last thing I remember was I was walking and I slipped, I dropped Bonnie’s body, and hit the ground hard.

I’m…I’m so sorry bonnie. I... I failed you. As I closed my eyes heard something.


I said go away.


I said GO!


I said- I turned too looked at the sky and saw a figure in the sky

Paul, it is me, come with me Paul

B… Bonnie?

Come on Paul come with me and we will be together forever.

I looked at her. She had no jacket but was wearing a robe. Her hair was not a mess but a beautiful looking style. It reminded me of her at our wedding. She floated down from a bright light.

Paul come with me.

I stood up and slowly walked over to her. I held her hand and looked at her. She looked so beautiful. I kissed her. She led me up to the light. With one thought in my mind.

Bonnie and I will be together forever. I love you Bonnie. We will be together forever. In heaven.

*************************************************************************************So there it is my first story how was it? Tell me if I need to improve on anything? All This was just of the top of my head.

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