Cry for Help

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

A short story of a boy that struggles with depression and reaches out to a pastor for help.

There was a boy who struggled with depression.  He didn’t believe his depression was due to a chemical imbalance or anything of that sort though and didn’t believe in medications anyway so he refused to try them.  Instead he believed the source of his depression was the fact that life had not turned out the way he thought it would.


When he was in high-school he was unhappy.  He was the nerdy kid that got picked on and the people that didn’t pick on him wanted his help with their homework.  For him school was just what he did because he had to.  He thought when he was in school that all his hard work would pay off in the future.  If he just put in the work now, it would all be worth it later.  He didn’t like life in high-school but he believed and had hope that once he got out and got into college things would be better and it would be the “best years of his life”.


That didn’t happen.  He didn’t know what college to go to in the first place.  Just like high-school he went because he just thought that is what everybody does.  So the college he ended up in was a result of his father telling him, “If you can’t decide where to go then you will just go where I went”.  College was a lonely place for him.  Sure he had friends but nobody he could really relate to on a deep level.  What he really wanted was a “good Christian woman” in his life however he wasn’t very good with the woman.  He was the “always the friend, never the boyfriend” type.  Women loved his company but they never wanted to be in a relationship with him.  Just like he did in high-school though, he kept chugging along.  He kept thinking, “It will all be worth it later.  All I have to do is get through this and it will pay off once I graduate”


That didn’t happen either.  Out of college he got a job in his field that dropped off after about a year and the truth was that he wasn’t happy there in the first place anyway.  To him it was just more of the same, going through the motions, doing what he was “supposed to do”. 


Eight years went by with the boy searching for something in life he could call his own.  Something that was worth while.  However, after the years of searching not only had he only found a hodgepodge of random jobs he hated but he was still alone.  Despite his efforts to find love he had failed to obtain a relationship with a woman.  He had reached the point in his life where he no longer had anything to hold on to.  Unlike the past in his high-school and college years where he could hold on to the hope that “It will all be worth it later”, “later” had come and gone years ago and he was still in the same place he had always been. 


In a desperate cry for help the boy decided to reach out to the pastor of a large church.  He thought, “If anybody in this world can help me, maybe a pastor can”.  However, in reality he didn’t REALLY believe that ANYBODY could help him but he was going to try anyway.  So the boy wrote a long letter to the pastor explaining all that he had gone through, how life had not turned out the way he had hoped, and how he didn’t know what to do anymore.  He sent it out and prayed for some sort of response.  The boy waited about a week and a half with no response so he sent out another message asking if the first had been received.  He got a response but it was from the pastor’s secretary saying that the pastor had been out of the office, was on vacation, and wasn’t responding to any messages until he got back.  Another month went by and still no response so the boy sent out another message… “Has he had the chance to read my message yet?  There was no response this time.  Another month passes after this and still no response.  The boy is in as bad of shape as ever and is really struggling to hold on now.  So he sends out another message… “Has he had the chance to read my message yet?” 


That night the pastor see’s the message in his inbox and takes the time to finally read it.  He thinks about responding that night but decides he is tired and will respond to the message first thing in the morning.  The next day he does as he has planned and sits down and types up his response to the boy and sends it out and waits for a response.


A week goes by and there is no response from the boy.  So the pastor sends out a reply asking if the boy got his message.  A month goes by and there is no response so he sends out another message… “Did you get my message?”  Yet another month goes by and there is still no response so the pastor sends out yet another message… “I haven’t heard back from you, did you get my message? I’ve been praying for you”.  This time there is finally a response.  The e-mail reads as follows.


“Hello, this is the mother of the child you have been writing to.  I am the one responding to this e-mail for him because he is no longer around and we are going through his e-mails clearing them out.  You see, about nine weeks ago my boy took his own life”


That is where the message ended.  After reading this the pastor took a minute and then realized it had been exactly nine weeks since he sent his response to the boy.  It had been the night that he saw the e-mail and chose to wait until the morning to respond that the boy took his own life.  The pastor was filled with remorse and began to cry uncontrollably.  Not only because of the loss of the child but because he knew that if he had taken the time to respond sooner, he could have saved the boy’s life.

Submitted: December 16, 2014

© Copyright 2021 TheKlotz. All rights reserved.

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