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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic
My heart is where you are

Submitted: January 20, 2010

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Submitted: January 20, 2010



I've walked a path not well known
I've fought wars others have sown.
Some have made themselves heard,
Most do not recall a word.

I've seen the world's heroes cry,
Cause they hate saying goodbye.
I've seen prodigies give up.
Cause they finally had enough.

This place, some live for it all,
I guess that choice is their call.
But why would one want to chose,
A life with so much to lose.

Some can't live without others,
Lost sisters, or some brothers.
True those do mean much to me,
But there's so much more to see.

I've seen peaceful fighters,
And some combatant writers.
I have known annoyed brothers,
And unforgiving lovers.

We will believe anything,
If it has a catchy ring.
We long to know only rest,
But that's what ruins the best.

Idleness gives way to sin,
But so can what you work in.
I long and wait for the son,
To tell the darkness it's done.

Though this I am patient for,
I'm not waiting anymore.
There are some things that need done,
Give up and nothing is won.

There is a battle out there,
But we seldom seem to care.
Even demons understand,
The war for all inside man.

Only two stand forever,
Two are worth great endeavor
God, though he can not be beat,
And our soul (an empty seat).

So people are worth too much,
For me to now give it up.
Despite all pains and regret,
I'll live until Him I've met.

Some live for life, others don't.
Some live for moments, I won't.
Some live for that selfish love,
Instead of care from above.

There are many things down here,
And they might take away fear,
But they mean in fact nothing,
Since people are everything.

While I'm here, I live for them,
They could have my heart with 'em.
Cause home is where the heart is,
And my heart was always HIS.

© Copyright 2020 thelastofhisclan. All rights reserved.

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