The things the world does to you

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Umm idk yet i guess the story will unfold as i go on

Submitted: March 28, 2012

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Submitted: March 28, 2012





I was running, just running along a never ending beach, i was happy and full of serinity. It felt nice. Suddenly a shadow crossed over turning the water and ugly green/grey color and blocking the free flowing sun. Panick over flowed my stomach and exploded into my limbs and i began a full on sprint, trying to escape. Nothing but beach lay ahead of me, and the waves got more and more persistant at my feet, trying to drag me in with their anger. I heard a muffled thunder clap and i saw the reflection of the clouds in the angry and restless sea. I pushed myself harder trying to find something, but not sure what, my body beginning to ache with exersion, my hart hurt with the pace it was going, and my breath began to come out in desperate shaky gasps. I didnt know if i could keep this up. Suddenly i wasnt splashing through water and the ocean wasnt tugging at my ankles. I looked at the sea and saw that it was swelling. My eyes widdened with the realisation of what was happening. I scrabled away from the shore and it began to rain. How ironic that i was trapped in water no matter what. The rain hurting my skin and the sea rapidly rising but then my hart stoped and painful silence came after it, like the rain had no sound as in catapulted the ground or the ocean had no anger in its voice, and blackness took over as the blood stopped pumping to my brain, and i could no longer move, i just died.

I woke with a start, my breath comming out fast, sweat soaking me, and my leggs tangled in my sheets. I groaned and landed on my pillow and it puffed. I rubbed my eyes and got ready. When i was done getting ready i just sat in the corner of my room. I didnt want to go out into a world that didnt make scense. I felt like a dark depressing cloud lingered over my head and fallowed me in thought. My parents really dont care about me, they act as if i do not excist, like im just air. Either way i dont have to endure their constant ingnorance as much, they work alot and when they dont work they retreat to their chambers and do \"adult stuff.\" I shook my head, there is no way im going to think about that. Anyways even if they pretent im invisible they higher a baby sitter for me, god knows why, im fifteen for gods sake i can take care of myself. Anyways it was my cousin who takes care of me, i hate him, hes 18. The very first day he came over it seemed maybe life wouldnt be so boring, untill my parents left and his polite demeaner diminshed and he began to drink. *hand up my waist, trying to shake them off* i snaped myself out of it and looked at the clock. Time for work!

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