Sam Halo

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Nathalee Halo and Samantha Halo are identical twins, 2 years ago their parents divoreced. They are loved by both parents but, What happens when their step- father, Edward falls in love with 7 year old Samantha.

Submitted: July 06, 2010

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Submitted: July 06, 2010



It was Friday night, both Nathalee and Samantha were up, watching scream. It was almost midnight both girls sat together eyes glued to the Television watching the horific movie, Then the door opened, it was Edward their step-father. He walked over and hugged Samantha.

"hello darling." he said then took out a donut from the bag he brought in his hand.

"here you go" he said smiling as he gave it to her. "You may share with your sister if you wish"

He kept smiling as he spoke his fang-like teeth exposed to his pale features his eyes glowed as he stared at her. He left them and walked to his room. After the movie was over both girls, dizzy with sleep tried hard to make it to there room. When they did they both went to beds which were on opposite sides of the room. After Samantha had fallen asleep, Nathalee stayed up watching her, the movie had given her quite a fright, and now she had trouble sleeping. about 15 minutes later Edward entered the room, he sat on the side of the bed then lightly shook Samatha awake

"Sam" he whispered. Nathalee, whose covers were covering most of her face, but not enough to prevent her from seeing what was taking place. Samantha turned and sat up looking at Edward, Eyes wide open

"wanna play a game?" he asked still, smiling. "umm. sure" she said still in a sleepish voice.

"now remember it's a secret you can't tell anyone, not even mommy" he told her. She nodded as he sat on the edge of the bed looking at her. He opened the flap on his underpants, revealing his long hard cock. It stood tall some what resembling a stalagmite

''whooa" said Samantha fasinated as she had never seen anything like this in her entire life.

"hold it"
he said, she did still looking amused. he then showed her how rub it and soon, he told her to lick it he moan, each time teaching her something different. He cam on her face. she stood up wiping it off with her hand and licking her fingers "its salty"
she complained.
"Don't worry the taste will soon go away baby"
he said, Nathalee couldn't watch anymore she covered her eyes and turned away dispite the covered screems of her sister in the background. Her mother was sound asleep down the hall and couldn't hear her daughters crys. After he had finished up, he whispered something in her ears something that made her cry even more. the room had a thick smell of sperm, blood, tears and fear. she laid rolled up in a ball until he left. "goodnight Sam" he said followed by a small laughed. when he left Nathalee could help but run over to her sister.
"are you ok?"

she asked repeatedly then ran to the bathroom to wet a washcloth and wipe the blood from her crying sister. Nathalee couldn't sleep that night she sat up watching Sam, until she fell asleep as well. The next day they both stayed in their room and only left for nessary reasons, and only when Edaward wasn't home. It was 3:00 their mom Cindy came from work, she walked in the girls room with the phone at her ears. The girls had decided to tell their mother. "umm mom" Nathalee started but was cut off by her moms voice.

"not now sweetie,ok go ahead Eddy" She said as she gave Sam a bag of chinese takeout. she then left the room still on the phone. For the rest of the day neither girls get to her, she was always busy. Before going to bed Nathalee felt it was her deed to protect Sam, she closed the door, turning to lock and putting a chair in front of the door. Trying her best to keep that Pedophile out, and away from her sister. They both heard the door close and Edward enter. 20 minutes later he came, trying to turn the lock but realzed it was closed, he would have knocked but he didn't want to wake up Cindy acroos the hall both girls laid, trembling at the sound of him at the door. He soon left and the girls breathe a sign of relief.

They both went to sleep though it took a while for them to find bliss. They woke up and got ready for school. By the time they were ready thankfully, Edward had left.

During 4th period. Sam had a throbbing headache and a horrible stomach ache. she sat during study hall crying. Nathalee soon asked to teacher if she could follow her sister to the nurse and after getting permission the twins left the room. The nurse soon gave her a phone call home to have her mom pick her up. Within 25 minutes Cindy was at the school to pick up Samantha and decided to take Nathalee along. She signed the girls out of school for the day and brought them home, figuring it might just be a stomach virus. But when the pain so began to drag out of control, and Sam began to cry Bitter tears, her mom hurridly brought her to the hospital, the doctor questioned, Nathalee stayed in the room, refusing to leave her sister's side. After multiple tests the doctor Mr.Peterson settled with the thought of her being pregnant. Which he couldn't understand with a 12 year old girl.

They were told to wait for the results for a few days. when they got home Sam went straight to sleep she stand to look at her mother, somehow she felt it was her fault. When Edward got home Nathalee turned the lock. But as soon as she fell asleep, Sam unlocked it. And Edward entered. "Hello my dear" he said his voice rough and caorse, and barely over a whisper. Sam stood in front of him, knife in hand. and cut her cothes off her body, she began to trail cuts down her arm, and bit her lip, giving the blood a road the escape. "What in the world are you doing?" he asked puzzled at her actions. he then grabbed the knife from her. " You've ruined your beautiful body" he complained. he eyes wide open. But he had forgotten to keep his voice down, and woke up Nathalee, she looked at her sister shocked then back at Edward and began the screem, she ran toward him but didn't realize the knife in his hand and as soon and she came in contact with him, she felt a striking pain run through her stomach. She cried, bloody tears and so did Sam when her sister fell.

Cindy ran down the hall and found 3 things that no mother would ever want to see. A bleeding Nathalee and torn Samantha and a calm and bloody Edward. He stood staring at Cindy as she stood hand over mouth teary eyed at her daughters. She immediately called The ER to imform them of her daughters conditions. And then the cops to take away the firstsuspect she saw in her eyes. Both girls were brought to the ER where Samatha kept throwing up and Nathalee couldn't stop bleeding.

In the end, Nathalee Halo was alive, and Samthana Halo was the molested child.
And last but not least, Edward was charged for molesting face 25 years behind bars. Court found himm guilty, he spent his years in prison, getting repeatedly raped, tortured and mentally destroyed the way Samantha felt. And Nathalee Lived those 25 years protecting her sister.

Even tough she was the younger twin. Then when the years had been served Edward was out. and ready for a second prey but not before her visting Nathalee. And when he did, he met his demise. He was shot dead by Nathalee who suffered the images of her sister being molested at a tender age. Sam face years behaind bars, getting daily visits from sam, and her child Nathan. She lived a peaceful and happy life free from Edward, And started a program to help protect kids from the dangers Child molesters, sick pedophiles and twisted perverts.

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