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A girl that hated boys that are popular with their player attitude.But then turned out of having one who is popular, but.. is he a player?

Submitted: December 06, 2011

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Submitted: December 06, 2011



I, remember he have many friends. Not just any friends. They are all popular, and rich. Including him.
One day, when i was about o leave the class, he came in and walked towards me with a bouquet of roses and said..

Zack: Hey, umm, can u be my girlfriend?

I thought he was just playing with me, but his eyes were serious. His friends are just behind him, mocking at him, that he cant even get a girlfriend like me.

What about me? I know i don't deserve  to stand beside him. Or maybe, do i have the right to be with him.
So while they were there arguing, i slipped out of the class and went to my next class.

On the same day afterschool, i totally forgot about everything it happened earlier in class. All i remember is going back home and have my mum next to me. My dad left me and my mum when i was 5. I dont really have friends in school. Because they said im weird. Why? Because of my look?

Once i got passed the gate, someone grab my wrist. It was Zack. With no one but him. I stood there silently.

Zack: Need a ride home?

I rejected his offer and started to walk again. Then he asked whether can i have lunch with him. I know he wont stop asking me unless i say yes. So what can i do other than saying yes?

He took me to a cafe. Then while waiting for the food, we chatted. At first, I told him that I was going to make a call, but he gave me a sad look. So I just sat infront of him and pressed my mum's number.

Melanie: Hello? Hey, mum, I'm uhh.. Gonna go home late today. I'm at my friend's house to finish a very important assignment. Yeah, you don't need to wait for me. Okay. No, of course I'm going back home. What?! I'm not staying at HIS house! What? No! I don't have a boyfriend! Mom!

My mum cut the call. And I can hear Zack laughing. So I stood up and said I'm going to the washroom. 

When I came back, there was a bouquet of roses on the table. He certainly is rich. We're just high-school student. And see how he spend his money on useless things.

After we ate our dinner, I said I wanted to go home. But he doesn't let me. He took me to a mall near the cafe and drag me into a shop. He asked a woman to make a pair of ring with name emblemed on it. Both of it writing "Zac & Mel".

I was about to leave the shop. But he grabbed my hand and not letting me go. With no other choices, I stayed.

About an hour, I woke up. I didn't realize I fell asleep. We were already in the car. And my head was resting on Zack's shoulder. And my second finger is wearing a ring. The same thing on Zacks' too. I quickly backoff and he just smile at me.

Zack: Oh. Your awake. :D
Melanie: Let me go home!
Zack: Hmm.. Okay. I did everything i wanted to do with you today. More tomorrow. :D Where do you live?

And that's how we started. Together. I started to fall for him. And he told me that, he only has a dad. His mum passed away. Just like my dad.

We started to hold hands..
Then I started to kiss his cheek..
And giving each other a hug everyday..

I thought, he is a very caring and loving boyfriend that can also really give up everything just for me. But turn out I was wrong, like always.

One night after our date. My mum asked me to go to the nearest supermarket to buy some food for tomorrow's breakfast.

And all I see was, Zack, with 2 girls walked out of the bar, and they hopped on to a car. Then the car sped away. My heart just got stabbed. I tried convincing myself to not to believe it, so I continued my way to the supermarket.

After I reached home, I got his text message. It says

Zack: Are u still awake babe?
Mel: Zack, where were you just now?
Zack: Home. Why?
Mel: Oh.. No.. Nothing.
Zack: Haha, good. Just wanna tell you i love you. :)

How silly am I? Believing Zack rather than believing myself, my eyes. Why did he lie to me that he was at home while I saw him walking out from the bar?

After that happened, it had been a month. He was still the loving Zack in my eyes. But few months later, I started to look at him in a different way. He had been receiving many messages, and secret calls. I started to follow him.

Then, the same thing happened again. Him with girls. Again. I followed him for a week. Different girls everyday.

Finally, I got caught by him. I saw him sending a woman to a car. I slapped him without even letting him had a chance to talk. I ran away.

"Are we really over.." "I thought you love me.." was all I was thinking. I can hear him shouting my name from distance. But I never turned my head back or stop running. 

I had been hiding from him for a few weeks, and I never went to school. He came to my house but I never open the door to let him in. I heard him punch the wall once. Asking me to come out to meet him. I heard him cried. I felt bad by not giving him any chances to explain. But what I saw is a very serious mistake. He hid things from me, I felt myself cheated. When I finally can't stand it anymore, I finally texted him.


Mel: Meet me later at the park opposite my house.

He replied me, but I never look at his message.

After I changed my clothes, I went to the park. He hug me tightly. I asked him to let go. But he refused.

Mel: Let me go.. Please..
Zack: Why..? Mel, did u cry? Those are all misunderstands! I'm sorry!
Mel: Can you listen to me first..?

He nodded, and let go off me. I took his hand, and placed the ring he gave me on the middle of his palm.

Zack: What do this mean? Mel? You don't like the ring? I can change it if you want!
Mel: No.. The ring is perfect..
Zack: Then what is it Mel?!

He held my shoulder tightly not intend to let me go.

Mel: Let's just.. Break up..

He dropped the ring to the ground. And tears fell out of his eyes. He froze.

Zack: What.. What are you saying Mel? Huh? You're kidding right?
Mel: No.. It's just that your heart were never with me.. Can u please let me go?
Zack: No I'm not!
Mel: Zack.. Let's just face it.. You don't love me..
Zack: Mel I do love you! Is it because of the woman you saw? I can explain!
Mel: Zack.. I lost counts.. Different girls everyday.. I don't want my heart to break.. It's shattering.. Do you know how pain it is..?

I let go of his hand, and starting to leave. But he grabbed my wrist and kissed me on the lips. It was my first kiss.. I pushed him away and slapped him on the cheeks. His cheeks are red. I just left with tears saying I hate him.

Days passed by. A friend of his told me he stopped joining them for hang-outs. And he's always drunked. But I never said anything about it, and just walked away, without saying a word to them.

And one day while it was dark, I saw an old lady walking alone with grocery bags. But then she accidentally slipped her bags and some of her fruits dropped out. I went to help her.

Mel: Hi, need some help?
OL: Yes. Thank you young lady.
Mel: Your welcome :)

I squatted down and started picking up the oranges that rolls out from her groccery bag. Then I saw one roll out to the middle of the road. I asked her to wait and walked toward it. Without noticing, a car drove towards me.

Everything happened in seconds. All I was doing is half squatting there. Not knowing what to do. Before my eyes closed, I heard someone called my name.  It was Zack.

When I woke up, I was in a room. A hospital room. The nurse told me that Zack was still in the operation room. I quickly got out of bed. But then, I found out, there was a paper got pressed down by a ring. It was covered with blood. Zacks' Blood. I'm pretty sure about it.

My Dearest Mel,
It will be our 2 months anniversary after a few minutes. Thank you for being a great girlfriend. I never loved someone so much before. You're my angel. You always make me feel warm. My dad is always overseas for works, that's why I never get enough "love" from him. Mel, I just can't express my love for you. It's alot. Really much.

I love you Mel. You'll always be my one and only.

Love, Zack

I bursted into tears. I grabbed the letter and the ring and dashed out of the room. When I got to the operation room, the doctor came out as well.

Mel: Doc! How's my boyfriend?!
Doctor: He might not make it. Please contact his family members.
Mel: Doc.. Do anything to save him please..
Doctor: I will.

I sat there and cried. I don't know how long i had cried. Suddenly, the doctor dashed out of the room and got me standing.

Doc: He need A negative blood. But our hospital is lacking some blood.
Mel: I can give him! I'm A negative!
Doc: Lyn, take her to the room.
Nurse: Yes Doc.

I prayed, then, a few more hours later.. The doctor came out and said, the operation is a success. Which is quite a miracle for him. Of course, i was the happiest. Too bad his dad cant fly back yet, but the hospital already called him.

He slept for weeks.. Almost a month. A month being unconcious. Then one day, while i was going to leave the room and change the flowers' water, someone grab my arm. I turned my head around. It was Zack. My Zack.

Zack: Mel.. Mel is that you?
Mel: Zack! Oh Zack! Don't you ever leave me again!

I burst into tears and hug him straight. All he do was patting my head, calming me down. Soon, i fell asleep. Same thing happened when i woke up. The ring was back at my finger. My second finger.

I look at it again, then looked up at Zack. Seeing him smile, i smiled back.

Zack: I wonder when will it be on this forth finger.. :P
Mel: In your dream! Haha :D
Zack: Aww! Don't you want to marry me?
Mel: I'll think about it ;D

But then, he kissed me. How bad is he? Totally. I know.

Zack: I love you Mel. <3
Mel: I love you too. :)

(The End)

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