Risk Makesm This Life Complete

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Submitted: March 12, 2010

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Submitted: March 12, 2010




Humans start taking risk from the time they come on this earth.from the time they start learning to walk and fall again and again and every time when they try to stand up.they take a risk

risk-literature meaning of risk is exposure to the chance of injury or loss; a hazard or dangerous chance

But in my words risk is a meaning of life.When there is no risk we are Dead.We are totally dependent on others because we don't have the courage to take the risk of standing and not be afraid of falling.without risk we can not live our lives because without risk there is no willingness to learn,there is no courage for standing and trying to move forward,there is no power to face the result and start things again.For really living this life we need to love risk or we will just become a machine which take oxygen in and release carbon dioxide.things which we know what will be the result is not really doing it.It just become a stupid game of snake and ladder without the snakes,ladder and the dice.but when we don't know what will be the next thing we will face,it becomes like a challenge and make a feeling in our heart to know about it and to learn about it and that feeling only give us power to Traverse the difficulties.It help us drop our fear and give us power to face problems and face this world in other words we are dead without risk because power to live and learn things is only with those people who can take risk and risk can be taken only by those people who want to win.

the best thing about risk is what it gives us becomes more precious and more important and those things which have risk are not attained by all.Just think the 1st man who climbed mount Everest.Do you think he was afraid of risk.do you think he didn't know that before him hundreds of people tried to do that and many never returned but when he came back he got a thing which is so precious.now when he is dead still we remember Edmund Hillary because what he did requires a lot of courage and a lot of power to face those challenges.

now I ask you do you have the power to stand and face the sky and say,"yes I am alive." ?


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