Balloon child

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A boy a girl a red balloon

Submitted: September 07, 2012

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Submitted: September 07, 2012



The sky was clouded and the air was thick with the promise of rain. A little girl skipped down the street a red balloon bobbing and bouncing behind her it’s string clutched in her tiny hand. She stopped at the old abandoned building. Her mommy always told her not to go near it and that it could fall down at any moment. It was going to be a parking garage but they stopped in the middle of building it and never started again. She never walked by here but for some reason she found herself doing so. Standing there outside it was a boy, almost a man about fourteen or fifteen. She looked at him and in return he stared at her from half closed eyes. He seemed sad. The girl walked up to the boy and handed him her red balloon.
“You better not lose it.” She said. The boy gave a little nod. Suddenly he slipped into the building.
“My mommy said not to go in there.” The girl pointed out but he must not have heard her for he didn’t come out.
A crowd had gathered around the building now. There at the top was the boy. The red balloon still in his hand. He spied the little girl in the crowd. She saw him and waved. He smiled. Then he shut his eyes. Suddenly he was falling as graceful as a falling angel. The girl did not see him land but she could hear the cries of the people who did. And the red balloon floated into the air. Higher and higher until it disappeared into the gray clouded sky. The girl let out a sigh.
“I told him not to lose it.” She said and with that she skipped away.

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