Imperfect Flowers

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This just came into my mind while I was strolling around the Botanical Garden of Singapore during my trip there.. :)

Submitted: March 30, 2014

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Submitted: March 30, 2014



Flowers bloom with beauty but most flowers
don’t have the same size of petals
but that’s ok
God created flowers to be that way,
 but beyond the imperfections we still
appreciate its beauty and the
happiness it gives to us

This is the reason why I think beyond
our human figure we’re all flowers
Different looks, color, size, shape and
even smell. Different flowers can only be found
in other places and behave differently.
Some are extinct some can be found everywhere.
Some are much more appreciated than the other.

Just like flowers we’ve all got different roles
to play in the universe but at the end of the day
flowers are all flowers
and humans are all humans.

But my biggest point is just like flowers
we’re created by God from love. We were
born with our imperfections. No one is an
exemption. We’ve got to accept that we may look
different from each other and we all make mistakes.
We all have mistakes big ones a few.  We have to accept our
imperfections just how we accept that flowers are imperfect
but they're still beautiful. We should also accept the imperfection
of others as well because at the end of the day, we’re all the same.

Just like flowers we’re imperfect but if we could only look deeper,
we realize that it’s in our imperfections in which we realize and see
true beauty. 

Because an imperfect person who accepts that he/she is an imperfect person, and the imperfections of the people around them as wel,l is as beautiful as an imperfect flower.

Imperfection is real
and being real
reveals true beauty.

-The Little Prince's Bestfriend :) ?

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