I Am A Puppet

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Short rhyming poetry about feeling trapped and not knowing how to react.

Submitted: May 11, 2012

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Submitted: May 11, 2012



I Am A Puppet

I am a puppet in your eyes

You're the master of disguise

My strings are strongly attached

You hold a tight clasp

There is no room for change

Without the consequences that are arranged

If I try to break free

Noise will travel through me

As I gain a new perspective

Your new degrading words become reflective

The hypocrisy in your eyes

Helps me see through that disguise

Enough is enough!

I am smarter, I am tough

The first string is broken

My mind is now spoken

I can think for myself

But why is my body not felt?

The strings are held to please

An unfortunate disease

You continue to criticize

I am not blind towards your lies

I try and argue back

The fights are on a stack

I strive to get away

Before my ends start to fray

Healthy clouds slowly fill my lungs

My head begins to feel numb

This is not enough escape

As I think of future dates

It is becoming hard to handle

Time to blow out your controlling candle

I cut the strings one by one

The detachment is all my fun

I have control over my figure

In your mind my appearance lingers

A blasphemy I may be

But you just wait till I break free

I am utterly done, extremely tired

Of your mutated one-sided desires

I will do what I please

It is time for me to leave

As I fly far away

Like a phoenix on a sunny day

The memories of your trap

Will not take another lap

I am no longer your puppet

As fill my own bucket

Happiness will continue on a long

Thanks for being a great mom.

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