the lottery ticket

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Sitting on an old wicker sofa on the cool terrace, Carolina reflected on what had been her life until then and could not help but dream of a better future.  Like everybody else, she struggles to reach the month’s end with a positive balance on her bank account.  She has been looking for something that could make a good repayment, but until then unsuccessfully. Suddenly, she heard an inner voice that proposed to play the lottery.

"The lottery” she thought with some disenchantment. But again the words that compelled her to play came back to her mind. "They say that in Florida there is a better chance that you will be struck by lightning than by winning the lottery," she continued talking to herself, gesticulating as if to discard the idea. But the thought of ??playing and reaching a few million dollars went around for several days and did not leave her alone. "Well, nothing is lost in the attempt" mused to her.

So when she stopped to put gas in her vehicle took advantage and played the Lotto. On the way home she thought about what would do with the two million if she wins the lottery.  That was a possibility after all, no?

"Two millions! Anybody gets excited, “she thought.  "How much would you receive after deducting taxes?"  She asked herself. "Also, if a single sum is received, the winner receives less."  And began mental calculations. "They would give me more or less a million and a half. With four children on the way to college, it's not bad.  It’s about 450 to 640 thousand for the studies. All right, that's one important thing what money is for. "

She continued to give free rein to her imagination.  “I pay the house, rent it and buy another one, that a millionaire will not continue living in West Miami.  About $ 300 thousand for the one I am living at and another half million for the new one. Afterwards, I will buy new furniture and leave the old ones on the rented house".  And continue, “I am not going to a new house with all those old stuff.”

"At last I'm going to have a Jacuzzi! Yes, in the middle of the patio”.  She settled herself on the seat feeling the jets of hot water all over her body. “And an external kitchen to give parties and roast suckling pig when I want it without having to wait for Christmas or a birthday."  She sighed, inhaled and felt the emanations of the piglet, and heard the bustle of the guests.

And goes on, “We are going all to buy at the exclusive Bal Harbors Mall and Village of Merrick Park.  To the most expensive places, oh yes, like I said, that is what money is for, to be spent!”

Driving through the chaos of Miami’s streets she entertained herself with all kind of dreams.

She dreamed on going to Europe and then South America, just to begin with.

Already at home, she stopped in her tracks, parked the vehicle as it was and went off to find her inseparable portable calculator and began to add. "Let's see, studies plus the two houses, plus the furniture, clothes and trips. Oh, yes, the taxes and insurance of the first year of the two houses. Oh ... I cannot believe it ... there are already 1.7 million. "

She thought with dismay that she had already spent everything and was as at the beginning or worse, with more trouble and empty pockets.”That damn idea," she thought angrily, "got me into all this. Got me and dropped me”. And with a loud voice and with determination said: "No, I do not want any millions" and took out the lottery ticket and cut it into pieces.

Submitted: September 10, 2019

© Copyright 2021 Thelma Galván. All rights reserved.

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Prince EL

Interesting story.

Tue, September 10th, 2019 1:04am


Thank you!

Mon, September 9th, 2019 6:11pm

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