A poem I wrote when everybody stopped caring for me

Here I am in a cage
Full of anger, full of rage
I am lonely, this is true
Nobody gives a damn if I were
Nobody wants me, only death
It wants to see me, out of breath
It wants to see me, in my bed
With my wrists cut, laying in a pool of red
In a dark room, with no light
This is for real, not a might
Nobody needs me, not anymore
I'm always in my room, listening to Paramore
Here is my maker, known as the razor
I wish they made something better, like a laser
Well here is my end
You won't miss me, so don't pretend
It is ready, I am ready
I just have to be steady
Good-bye cruel world, I am leaving
Nothing can stop the bleeding
Here I am NOT in a cage
No more anger, no more rage
This is a new chapter, a new page
It warms me, with the scent of sage
Don't be sad for the people who
knew me
If only you knew my pain
Then you could've see
That sadness prevales me

If only you can stop it to gain

Submitted: November 18, 2009

© Copyright 2022 TheLoneBlackWolf. All rights reserved.

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