The beast in me...

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Something i wrote and wanted to share.

Submitted: July 18, 2012

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Submitted: July 18, 2012




There's a side of me most people don't see.

A side that contains the beast of the real me.

I'm a wild one, i do what needs to be done. 

Nobody else understands but me. 


I'm walking a path, a path I've always

seen, but only in my dreams. I've walked

a thousand miles just to see what i was running

from. I've never known myself to lose control.

But on nights when I've got nothing left, the beast

takes his final breath. I walk with it controlling me.


I hear a million demonds clouding my thoughts, 

and without the beast I'd be dead. I return to

my cell as the morning sun rises and prepare myself

for another long, painful day. What you all see during

the day is the side I've created to hide the lie inside.

I'm not a sane person, I'm not the best but best believe

I'm not the worst..


I'm just another man, trying to fight daily battles.

The only help i have is the beast in me...

I'm here and i'm alive, and the beast still

continues to thrive. 


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