The chicken and the golden needle

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The cock and the golden needle

Have you ever wonder why the chicken always scratches the ground. If you think that he is searching for food than you are partly right. But if you check in the history book the claws for chicken isn’t really made for finding food.

Long-time time ago in and place where no humans civilization have ever touch, and where the dodo birds use to breed there was a herd of chicken spending their day pecking at the ground for food. One fine evening the leader of the chicken, the cock saw a magnificent animal called the Phoenix. He followed the animal to its nest until the river stop flowing and the wind stop blowing. The phoenix turns around and confronts the cock with the most elegant way. “Who goes there” the phoenix ask the cock with the most boastful way that you could ever imagine.

“Hey magnificent phoenix, may I compliment you on how beautiful your wings are and how magnificent your flying skills are” the cock said to the phoenix with the gentleman voice.

The cock keeps on complementing the phoenix even more, until the phoenix was blushed her cheeks off. “May I ask you how you got your wing to flap until you are able to fly?” the cock asks the phoenix “By the help of my magical golden needle, I sew and sew for 3 days and 3 nights without eating.” She answers in a scary way.

“May I borrow that ‘Needle’ of yours for that duration of time?” the curious cock asked the Phoenix. “I shall let you have it for that duration of time, but if you lose it I shall swoop your herd one but one from the air and have them for dinner” the phoenix answers.

Hearing this made the cock gulped with fear. After a few minutes he and the phoenix agreed.

The cock sang his beautiful songs while going home carrying the golden needle. On the way home the cock saw his friend Snake besides the lake. “Hey snake!” He shouted, this made the snake turn back and stare at the cock. “Hi cock that is a nice needles you got there what is it for?” the snake ask cock.

The cock later explains to snake his adventure to the nest of phoenix. “Huh? Why did you made a deal with phoenix” the snake asks with curiosity. “Because I dreamed of flying all my life” the cock answer with a childish face.

The snake back away and said “hey if you lose it don’t come near me okay I do not want to be swoop down and eaten”. The cock return to his herd with an angry expression.

He did whatever the phoenix told him to do 3 days and 3 nights. He kept going on and on without eating. This made the cock very hungry, but he doesn’t really care as long as he can fly. One fine evening while the cock was busy sewing his wings he accidently scratches his wing with the needle. He sprang with pain, he role on the dirt around and around, this made him throw away the needle to the ground. He was surprise when he did not find the needle.

He panic and panic trembling with fear. He then remembered that today is the last day of that duration. He later than use his claw to scratch the ground. The more he scratches the ground the deeper he went. Until he gave up and ran away from home.

The next day he heard a lot of crisis from the herd. This made him killed himself

Now that was the reason Chicken always scratches the ground. To find the golden needle.

Submitted: May 03, 2014

© Copyright 2021 TheLonelyKnightOfAincrad. All rights reserved.

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Hi, just curious, is this a story that you made up 100% or is it based on a legend that you heard. I need to resolve a possible plagiarism issue with a student.

Wed, September 7th, 2016 7:32am

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