A Little Poem about Me

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My longest poem. Came right off the top of my head, its about me and the false descriptions and powers I gave myself.

Submitted: March 06, 2013

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Submitted: March 06, 2013




I am me; I can do whatever I want, anything and everything. Maybe not magic nor miracles, but anything physically possible. I am the spirit, surging and soaring, screaming and snoring. I do what I want, what I please. Kneel to me, down to your very knees. I am the peasant, I am the king. I am anything and everything, I am me.  Running and racing, feeling and facing, I am anything and everything, I am me. You cannot stop me, you cannot shock me, you cannot stalk me, and you cannot appease me or love me. I am me. I am the embodiment of Hatred and Love. The division between black and white and the incision between good and evil. I am anything and everything I am even you. I am the master, I am the pastor. The ultimate prayer and the ultimate sin. I am fast, faster than light, so bright. Night, darkness consumes me, yet I am darkness itself. I cannot be defeated, I cannot be depleted, and I cannot be cheated or competed. I am anything and everything, even you. I am the soul of sadness, the mind of madness. Protect me, check you. Look you, fool, impudent one. The son of one man, the holy crucifix of a church. A perch, for the eagles of death. One breath, no two, no three, no four or five, but six. The ashes of phoenix, burning and bursting to life. Strife, why me, why you? Nobody but..who? You, me. I am you, always and forever. I am clever; I am ever, never ending. Never falling, never kneeling or sealing but feeling. I am stoic, I am calm. I am anything and everything, even you. Choose your wife or your knife. I shall end your strife one way or another. Murder her, choke her, stroke her. Calm her, savior her, enjoy her. She is the one, your heart, your face. Your mind and your spine, all in one crisp body. I am her, therefore I am anything and everything even you.

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