Among the Fields Of Corn

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a fantasy tales with strong horror elements. It draws on the childhood fear of unknown, Enjoy!

It was dark, the night was cloudy and barely any moonlight could shine upon the desolate landscape. Benjamin and his mother were waiting for the bus to arrive. The bus stop was ancient and rustic, one wooden bench and a "Bus stop: sign next to it. This bus stop was about five miles away from their village, they walked for two hours through the cornfields to get there. Benjamin's mother doesn't usually allow Benjamin to play in the cornfields, especially not at night. 
"Many strange things happen to children who play in the cornfields at night." His mother used to say. 
Yet this way the only way to the only bus stop that would take them to the city. The the only bus that come through here would stop at the bus stop once a week, and this week it was tonight. Benjamin was standing next to his mother, groping her long coat with his tiny hands, his mother was looking down the old dirt road that disappeared into the distance, waiting for the bus to arrive. Benjamin was only eleven year old, it was his first time out of the village, he was very afraid of getting lost in the big city so he decided to keep holding his mother's coat no matter what.  
Suddenly Benjamin heard a rumbling in the corn around the bus stop.A man emerged out of the corn and walked up to the bench. He was tall, much taller than Benjamin or his mother. The man wore a long, black coat that covered all of his body including his feet as well. Over his head he had a black hood and over it a hat with a wide, black brim. The man seemed very ominous to Benjamin, he hid behind his mother's long coat. The man walked closer to the them, and stood beside Benjamin's mother, as if he was waiting for the bus too. Benjamin peaked out to briefly glance at the man before hiding back behind his mother. Every time he looked the man wasn't moving, he just stood frozen there, his thin eyes fixated in front of him. Benjamin peaked again and looked at the man, than at his mother. It was like she wasn;t even noticing the man's presence. He hid again behind his mother, startled by the distant sound of an engine. 
"Oh it must surely be the bus." His mother spoke in calm tone.  
After a few moments Benjamin saw the headlights in the distance, as the closer the bus approached the less impressive it seemed to be. And old, rusty metal shell on thin wheels that looked like they could break at any moment. The bus pulled up and stopped right in front of Benjamin, the door opened and Benjamin climbed in. The bus was empty, just dirty seats with torn off leather covering. The bus driver was an older man, he didn;t even seem to notice Benjamin so he just passed him by. Behind Benjamin was his mother. 
"Let's take the seats closest to the exit." Mother insisted.  
She sat next to the window, and Benjamin sat next to her. That's when he noticed the man in the dark coat enter the bus as well. He slowly walked down pass them and sat on the other end of the bus, the row opposite of them.The door closed, and they started moving slowly down the dirt road.  
They traveled for what seemed like hours. Benjamin's mother fell asleep, her head resting on the dirty window. Still all around them was corm, and in front of them was just the narrow road. Benjamin kept his eyes on the man in the long black coat, looking at his through the drivers mirror. He was sitting in the back of the bus, not moving, not even breathing. From time to time he would turn his head to look at Benjamin who then cuddled into his mother, but as soon as he looked at the mirror again the man would be just as frozen as before.  
Suddenly the bus stopped in the middle of nowhere. Benjamin looked out of the window but he couldn;t see a stop sigh or a bus station. He wondered why did they stop here, he looked at the mirror again and saw the man in the long black coat stand up. He slowly started walking towards them. Benjamin's heart sank into his stomach and his breathing stopped. He felt a terrible feeling of dread overcome him. Something terrible was about to happen and his mother was still asleep. Benjamin felt a sense of relief when the man passed him by, the door of the bus opened and strong, cold wind blew into the bus, knocking the man's black hat and hood off of his head. The man, was old, his skin was pale-blue and on his head Benjamin saw two small, sharp horns. Benjamin gasped and the man heard him, he slowly turned around giving Benjamin a cold stare. He put his blue, slender fingers on Benjamin's head and petted him.  
"Do not be afraid." The man said in a quiet  voice. 
He then put on his hood and picked up his hat and he left the bus. The door close and the started moving again, as Benjamin's mother was waking up. 
"Mother, mother are you alright?" The boy asked. 
"Yes Benjamin I'm fine, don;t worry. I was just tiered from the walk." She comforted the boy. 
As the bus left for the city, Benjamin had one last look at the man thought the windows. He went into the cornfields, and soon disappeared from view. 
Indeed, strange things happen to children who play in the cornfields at night.

Submitted: January 05, 2016

© Copyright 2021 TheLoneWanderer13. All rights reserved.

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it was a simple story, but it gave me the chills!
I will surely check out more of your works

x jetblackheart

Sat, January 23rd, 2016 12:16pm

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