Amy and her Dad

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A short story about a young girl Amy going on a trip with her dad and how their relationship grows stronger. Enjoy!

Submitted: June 25, 2015

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Submitted: June 25, 2015



The car was moving slowly, Amy had her hand reaching out of the open window, touching the leaves of the bushes by the road. Her Dad, Derek was sitting next to her driving the car, Amy didn;t pay much attention to him, the traveling was what excited her and it didn;t matter who would take her. As long as she felt the engine of the car beneath her and the breeze in her hair. It was almost dusk, the yellow sunlight began to dim, first turning orange and then purple before going out entirely.It was too cold by now for Amy, she closed the window, and turned her attention to her father.  Derek was a big man, actually he could barely tie his seat belt around himself from his stomach, he had a small head with a big neck beard. A biker hat stood on his head and a pair of sunglasses he never took off while driving. Amy on the other hand was noting like her father. Her hair was blond, her eyes blue. She just turned fourteen last month but she was quite tall for her age, unlike her father who was a very short man. Amy moved her long bangs from her face and turned her head to the road in front of therm. Not much of the road was lit, just a few meters in front of them, but sh soon as she saw the road disappear beneath their car a feeling of wanderlust overcame her. Amy loved nothing more than to travel, see the world. She didn;t even need to stop, ever, just keep traveling, meeting new people, seeing new places. Every inch of the road the passed became a part of her, every sight she was during a trip stayed engraved in her memory forever. She smiled as the banjo from the radio filled her ears,a and the forest road ahead filled her eyes all her senses and memories were dulled by the present. By the experience of wanderlust she felt at that moment, stronger than anything she ever felt. A few hours passed like this, song after song on the radio, until static came on. 

"It looks like there's no more signal." Her father said in her rusty, deep voice. Amy frowned, she never liked her father;s voice, especially not now since he destroyed the nirvana she was feeling.

"So where are we going anyway?" Amy asked, she never asked before, she was just gald dad took her along. But now since that feeling of euphoria was gone she got interested in their destination.

"We're going to your grandma's old farm. You know that place where she stays over the summer." Her dad said. Amy knew what he was talking about. Her father was born and spent most of his childhood at that farm but he rarely went there now.

"How long till we arrive?" Amy asked annoyed that her traveling experience was broken by the interference in the radio signal.

Her dad smiled "A few more hours pumpkin." He said as if reassuring her that the trip won't end soon. And it worked, Amy was feeling less annoyed knowing that she still has a few hours of peaceful traveling to do. Amy smiled, looking at the dark sky, rarely did she see so many stars when she was home, but when she traveled the stars lit up the sky . It reminded her of the faces of boys from school, every star was a pimple, and Amy giggled as she imagined different people's faces in the sky. Suddenly Amy's imagination was interrupted y her dad's voice;

"You know, I like to travel too." He said, as if trying to make it up for before.

"Really?" Amy asked.

"Yeah." Her dad smiled, "That's why I became a truck driver,so many places to see you know." Amy gave hi ma smile, but she knew he wasn;t telling the thrust. He became a truck driver because he lost his previous job at the big marketing company, but Amy didn;t want to hurt dad's feelings so she just smiled and kept looking at the starry sky. After a few more moments of silence her dad spoke again.

"Sometimes, maybe I could take you with me, in my truck." He said.

Amy suddenly snapped, she turned her head towards him, "Really?!" She screamed. She never got to travel much although she loved it, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

"Anything for my girl!" Dad jumped from his seat, happy that Amy was happy, after they both calmed down Amy gave dad a kiss on the cheek. "You know pumpkin, I remember when I was your age, sitting at that farm late at night. Dreaming about going to Paris, or London or New York, or...anywhere! But we were a poor family, i never really went any further than the wood around the farm. I want my daughter so have a better life." He smiled almost tearing up.

"Dad, thank you so much! I know you and mom try your best don;t worry!" She hugged him and his seat belt broke.  Amy realized there, buried in her father's stomach that they weren't really that different. She looked up at him, and for the first time in her life saw in him a man she could relate to, a man she can call a dad.

And their car disappeared down the road, making their way to the other side of the forest, hugged tight. The last of the car lights went away leaving the forest shrouded in darkness.


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