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Hi guys,new poem!
I wrote this one for my girlfriend Kyra.
If you like it leave a like,and a comment if you think I should add something!

Submitted: February 27, 2014

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Submitted: February 27, 2014



As your hair is gently flouing on the pillows made of air;

And my love is slowlz showing,as I stroke your golden hair;

I will satnd before God,and confess my love to you;

And if he doesn't give you to me ,than he is no God of mine;

Your face,it shines brighter than the sun,and I would overcome the blinding light to just see your have;

I'll call you darling,I'll call you dear,I'll call you sweetheart,I'll hold you thight;

I'll kiss your lips,and sing you a song until you gently fall asleep;

If I was the sun,and you were the moon,I would die every night,so you can be born;

I am an eagle,that waits for you to call,and you are my nightingale,that I keep under my wing;

And if you ever cry,my love,I'll be there to whipe away your tears;

Beacouse I can't stand to see the tear comming from your beautiful eyes;

All I want is for you to be happy,and to see you smile,and when I do,I'll stare deep into your eyes,and lend you a kiss,

And I will tell you how much I love you,I love you Kyra.;




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