One last vow

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I just had a wave of inspiration and I had to write this! Enjoy!

Submitted: August 29, 2014

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Submitted: August 29, 2014



Days end one after the other, not stopping refusing to wait;

Do you still remember the words that were muttered, some out of love, others out of hate;

Oh my dear, dearest friend, have you seen how dark my eyes have grown;

Will I ever love again, with the passion like before;

I am not as Innocent as I look, people died at my hand;

All the things that i took, now lay buried in the sand;

Have you seen the scars, they run deeper then it looks;

I was hoping to reach the stars, but it took me too long;

Have you seen the thing's i've done? if you did you wouldn;t love me at all;

All the things that are on my mind, the emotions make my heart sore;

I'm tired of hoping, i';m too hurt to love;

My hearts are not stopping i think I had enough;

Let me tell you on more thing, one last vow before I die;

I remember everything, how your wings made me fly;


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