Please don't leave when everyone does

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Hey guys new poem! Just saying what I feel as usual!

Submitted: May 26, 2014

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Submitted: May 26, 2014



When everyone leaves,and when everyone's gone;

When everyone leaves,and what's done is done;

When the poets stop writing;

And the singers stop singing;

When you stop loving;

And I stop dreaming;

When the people I once knew forget me;

And the friend I never had upset me;

Please don;t leave me when everyone's gone;

Please don't give up,do what can be done;

Please don't stop writing your poems so true;

Please don;t forget the songs you once knew;

Please don't stop loving whne everyone does;

Please don't stop dreaming the dream of us;

Please don;t forget me when all the people do;

Please don't upset me when my friends are gone too;

Please never leave me I once said to you;

But you left anyway,and everyone else left me too;

Now I sit in the darkness and i wonder why;

I sit in the darkness and stare at the sky;

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