Such a thrill

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A short horror story about a girl that was killed by herself.

Submitted: September 02, 2014

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Submitted: September 02, 2014



 Erica was standing on the edge of the cliff, surrounded my the white misty clouds she couldn't see the bottom of the mountain. The cold autumn wind was gently stroking her light brown hair, her hair was so long the ends of it disappeared in the mist where the winds blew them.  She looked down from the edge feeling faint, "Oh it would be such a thrill to jump!" She said to herself quietly as if she was afraid that someone would hear her. But after a moment she stepped back from the edge, "What was i thinking!" She whispered to herself, afraid to jump as if she just came to her senses. But suddenly Erica felt a warm palm pressed against her back, she gasped feeling the shivers running through her body. She was too afraid to look behind. A gentle push was all it took, Erica found herself falling from the edge though the clouds towards the ground below which she couldn't see. She screamed as loud as she could but it didn;t help. Erica could now barely see the ground coming closer and closer, the fear was gone, she accepted her doom......  Erica jumped out of the bed panting heavily. "It.. It was all a dream..." she whispered though her panting. After a moment she calmed down, her grey shirt was soaked in cold sweat as well as her pillow. She felt her eyes burning from the sunlight that came through the barely opened window, her mom would open all the windows in the house before she and her dad went to work.  Erica stood up, she was a very tall, skinny girl, with light brown hair that reached down to her waist. The first thing people would notice about her were her big green eyes, some people found them beautiful others though they didn't fit with the rest of her face. Erica  walked to the bathroom taking off her wet shirt and the shorts she usually slept in. She was thinking about the dream as she was putting on her cloths, this wan;t the first time she had dreams like this. A few weeks back it was a tower, a month ago it was a bridge, but she always head dreams of being pushed off and edge and falling to her death. When she was little she used to be afraid of tall places, which was the explanation for the weird reacquiring dreams, but still she was very worried and afraid. Erica went to the kitchen, which was the larges room in the house, she looked at the clock, school was starting in ten minutes. She hurried and ate the eggs her mom made for breakfast, picked up her bag and ran though the door. But as she entered the hallway of her house she heard a loud "meow" . Erica looked at down and saw a small, black cat, with blue eyes, "Meow!" The cat repeated as if trying to get Erica's attention. "Hello there little kitty!" Erica said in a calm and friendly tone, as she reached down to pet her, but the cat ran away into the bathroom.  Erica followed slowly, she didn;t know where the cat came from, it wasn;t likely that it came through the window since they lived on the top floor of a huge apartment building. Erica walked down and opened the door that lead outside of her house and onto the roof of the building, hoping she could make the cat run away. She slowly approached the bathroom, and as soon as she moved the door opened a little bit the black cat came running out of the bathroom and out through the door of her apartment. Erica ran after her, closing the door of her apartment behind her, but as soon as she turned around she stopped. Her heart skipped a beat as she saw the black cat running towards the edge of the building.  Erica took a few steps back as the cat jumped from the edge onto the busy streets below. Erica was scared, she started breathing heavily. Erica walked slowly towards the edge, careful not to trip she looked over, there was no sign of the cat, just cars and people passing by, she sighted in relief. But just as she was about to turn around and leave, she felt a warm palm on her back.... Her breathing stopped, and she froze in place. "It's just a dream..."  She whispered to herself after a moment, she knew she was going to get pushed, but this time she wanted to see who is doing it! She took a deep breath, and slowly turned her head. And there, behind her, holding the hand up against her back, was Erica herself... She started trembling when she saw it, the girl that looked like her smiled and pushed...

Erica's body was found by a taxi driver passing by, there was no sigh of her being pushed, it looked like a suicide. Erica's parents couldn;t believe that suck a good and positive girl could do something like that, but when they searched her room they found a note below her pillow. A simple piece of paper torn from one of her notebooks, the note was written in her handwriting and all it said was, "It would be such a thrill..".

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