The Library

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Hey guys,this is my firt short story,it's about a boy and a girl who get lost in a Library.
I hope you like it!

Submitted: March 01, 2014

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Submitted: March 01, 2014



David was walking amongst the dusty bookshelves of the library .His vision blurred,he was tired from a sleepless night."I must have read at least five books tonight."He thought to himself.As he was walking he could barely read the labels on the books.He was searching for a philosophy book,his eyes were sweeping across the titles but to no avail.

"What was the name of the book again?"He thought.The Librarian who was on the night shift was all the way on the other side of the building,he kept searching.He came across a stone on the shelf the rock wasn't bigger than his hand.t"What's a rock doing on a bookshelve?"He tought. David took it,it seemed ordinary enough,it was grey and dusty with some dirt still left on it.

In that moment David heard a bang,like something fell.He started walking towards the Libararians desk,navigating throught the corridors between the bookshelfs.The noise was heard again,and again like someone was banging at the door."At this late hour?"It was 4 a.m. David spent the night reading throught the material he missed while he was away to visit his family.

The noise was getting louder and closer,David walked faster and faster,getting lost in the labyrinth of books that sorounded him.This went on for what seemed like hours,the banging was getting louder,unbearable.Finaly he came to a door,the banging stoped.He was lost,he has been to the librery many times,he never got lost,he was kind of a bookworm never too social altough he was friendly,Most of his time he was either in the library reading books or at home rading books,if there was one person who he could call a friend it was Ameilia.A girl he met in middle school,he had no idea how he maneged to talk to her,given that she was one of the "popular kids",beautiful with long red hair,and brown eyes.Oddly enough she was the only person that stuck with him for better or for worse.

David was standing at the woodern door,decorated with leaf motives."I am lost might as well see what's in here"He thought.He opened the door,to revel a vast room,The roof was so high,he couldn't even see it,the walls were made out of stone,they were red and cold,he looked at the other side of the room"It would take half na hour to walk across!"He thought.He got scared,the library was not that big,He couldn't think of a place in which this room could fit.He wanted to get out of there,he turned around just to find that the door was gone.In place of it was the stone wall."What...what is this,where am I!"He shouted,the only awnser he got was his own echo.With no choise he stared walking around the room,still he couldn't grasp it's greatness,he decided to see what's on the other side and he strated walking.

The room was so vast he walked next ot the wall to make sure he reaches the other side as fast as possible,rather than get lost in the vastness of this room.The room was circular,the red dust from the stones on the wall left traces of his fingers and hands,He kept waking and walking,He got tired after an hour,"It would have been easier if I was walking straight across."He thought to himself.After more walking he finaly reached a door.It was same as the door he entered through,the door opened and Amelia aperred."Don't close the door!"He shouted,but it was too late,as soon as it was closed it disspaeared before his eyes.

"David?What are you doing here?"Amelia asked suprised,she turned her head,and was even more supristed by the vastness of the room."And where are we?"She whispered.""I don't know,I got lost in the library and i just found this door,as soon as I walked through it dissaperaed!"He said."How...How come we haven't seen each other,I was in the library whole night?"Asked Amelia still in shock becouse of the room."I don't know,this is all so strange,we have to get out of here!"David screamed."Hey! Calm down,we'll find the way out."Said Amilea.She was always the one who had a solution for everything."Look over there,what';s that?"Amelia noticed something far in the distance.In the middle of the room something was shining,it was too far away they couldn't see what was it."I can't go over there,I just spent an hour running towards the other door!"Said David and he sat down of the cold stone floor."Ok,I'll go see what it is."Said Amelia"Don't wounder off!!"David shouted towards her.

Amelia was walking fast,she god furthur and furthur from David,evantualy he stood up and started to walk towards her,it was too last for him to cathc up.It took Amelia fivteen minutres to reach the center,there hse found a table,and on it there was a golden cup.It was rather big,more like a bowl,it was made of pure gold,on it there were words carved into the gold she couldn't undrestand them.David was comming closer as Amelia inspected the cup furthur,she found a goden rose drawn of the other sinde."What is it?"David asked drowing closer to the tabel."Some kind of a cup,it's golden."Said Amelia,David leaned forward it was the biggest thing made of gold he has ever seen!"It sais sometthing on it,I think it's latin,you know latin right?"Amelia aked,David was still stearing at the shining golden cup,"Oh..What..Yes give it here."He said,and started reading the text"Sane de sanguine"He whispered,"What does it mean?"Amelia asked,Daivd looked at her saying"The blooming of blood!"Amelia stood and thought about it for a moment"What do we do with it?"She asked,"Take it with us."David replied still in awe of the beauty of the cup,"Look!"Amelia noticed something on the other side of the room,very small,green thing."Let's go."She said,stating to walk to it,David followed her,but his eyes were still watching and closely gurading the cup.

Amelia was walking faster than David,and he was falling behind looking and inspecting the cup trying to find something important.He was always fascinated by ancient artifacts,than again he was always a geek as well.Amelia,not so much,she was interested in thing David talked about,but she was never quite the one to go to the museum.The words on the cup baffled David,"What could that mean?"He whipered,than rotated and looked closely at the cup inspecting every inch of it,then he rotated it  again.David was walking slowly, Amelia already reached the other side.The thing she saw was a plant,like a rose,but only the bud of it,the shaft of the rose was gone,it was gigant,almost as big as her big green leaves covered the red petals inside,the leaves that covered the bud were covered in thorns.Amelia couldn't touch it.Soon David was there,he was suprised by the size of the plant and amazed by how such a thing could exist.He never really liked biology,but this was just amazing."What do you think this is?"Amelia asked,hoping David would know something about it."I have no idea,it's unbelivable,maybe something is inside."David awnsered,his eyes were fixed on the palnt.:Amelia frowned,"I'm not touching that!"David looked at her,"Sometimes i find her so selfish."He thought to himself.Finnaly he gave the cup to Amelia,"Here hold this."'He walked up to the bud,David tried to touch it,but the sharp thorns of the leaves pearced his skin,he started to bleed.Blood was oozing from his hand and fingers,there wasn't alot of it,but it was painful.

Amelia rushed up to him takeing his hand,"Oh my God! David are you alright!"She panicked."Yes,yes i'm fine":David answered pulling his hand away.In that moment Amelia remebered the writing on the cup."The blooming of blood"She whispered,she stood and thought for a moment,than she spoke:"David,give me your hand."David gave her his hand,and Amelia swiped the blood from the hand into the cup,as blood was touching the cup,the words on it started to turn red."Look,Amelia your a genius!"David said,he didn't mind the blood,he desected many animals before and he wasn't bleeding that much,but Amelia was uncomftrable,she hated blood and felt disgusted whenever she saw it,and now her hand were covered in it! She stopped as soon as the letters were seen clearly red,she took the cup and pored the blood onto the green leaves of the plant.As soon as blood touched it,the leaves opened to revel a beautiful rose,the petals were white as snow,but they started to absorb the blood,and they turned red,there wasn't enough blood for all of the petals to turn red.So they were white,stained with beautiful red colors.In the middle of the petals there stood a key.Daid reached down and took the key,as soon he pouled the key away from the rose,it closed up again."A key."He whispered.Amelia took it from his hands "But there are no doors here."She said,as soon as she spoke,a loud bang was heard behind them.When they turned around the saw that the table in the middle was gone,and there was a door on the wall where David entered.When they turned back around they saw that the plant was gone as well.Imedinatly Amelia and David started to run towards the door,fearing that it might disappere again.

They were running as fast as they could,but still it took them fifteen minutes to reach the other side.The door was as same as before,lt was like it was always there.Amelia took the key and unlocked the door,the key fitted perfectly.She slowly opened the door and entered the room,Devid entered right after her.This room was much smaller than before,the roof was just above their heads,and it was not larger than an averege office,the walls were still made of stone,just not red this time they were yellow.As soon as they entered he door befind them closed.David panicked and tryed to open them but they were locked,and the key that Amelia was holding turned into sand.They saw that in front of them was a table,and on it there were three bells.The one to the far right was golden,the one on the left copper,and one in the middle silver.They weren't very big,Amelia could hold them with two fingers.In front of the bells there was a note.David walked up to the table and took the peace of paper.The words on it were writtend in ink,they were in english."Choose the first one,and you will die,choose the secound one and you will fight,choose the third one,and you will be free."David read the note outloud."Dose that mean the first one from the left or from the right?"Amelia asked."I don't know,it doesn't say."David answered.It was all too suspicious to him,who wrote this note,somebody must know that  they are in here.he thought of the Librarian,but she was an old lady,very nice and pacient she could never do such a thing,he kept thinking but nobody came to mind."We should take the one in the middle,it's not the first nor the last."Amelia said after a long silance."Alright I'll ring the bell you stay away."David said,he walked up and picked up the silver bell.He rang it,the sound echoed from the walls,then suddenly the floor opened and Amelia and David fell down.

They were on a big pile of sand,David stood up and helped Amelia to stand as well."Where are we now?"Amelia whispered".This room was much bigger than the last one,but still not as big as the first one,they were stading on a pile of sand in the corner of the room,in the middle of it there was a sword,it was long with a golden handle.The shining blade was lying on the ground.On the other side of the room,a gigant heart was chained to the wall,it was beating and bleeing."My God,what is this!"David shouted in fear and amazement.They ran up to the heart,Amelia was scared to touch it,but David reached out soon as he put his hand on in,a roar was heard.They turned around and standing there was a monster.It had the upper body of a man,the lover body of a snake and it was holding two swords in it's hands."Run!"David shouted and they stared to run towards the sword in the middle of the room,the monster swung his swod at Amelia,slicing her arm,the wound wasn't deep but it was painful.They continued running but the monster was fast,nearly catching up to them.Finally David took the sword just as the monster was about to swing his down on Amelia,David blocked him.David never fought with a sword,the only swrodplay he did was in his video games.However he kept fighting the moster,blocking his every attack,even he himself was impressed! The monster was enraged he delivered a powerful blow which broke the steel sword in half.David,left only with half of his sword,kept blocking but he started to run away from the monster as he did.Amelia then had an idea,she took the broked part of the sword she ran up to the gigant heart.When the moster saw that,he started running toward her as well,but in the last moment just as he was about to catch up to her,she stabed the heart,the monster stopped and moaned loudly.Amelia kept stabling the heart repeatedly,until the monster fell dead.David ran up to her jumped at her and kissed her.She never expected this,but she kinda liked it.David was always very shy,but she guessed this experiance changed him,for the better.Their kiss was interupted by a lound bang.In the place where the heart was a door apered."Should we go?"Amelia sked."Of course we should,I mean what are our options."David replyed.They slowly walked up to the door,behind the door there was a blinding light.They both slowly walked in it.

Daid opened his eyes,he turned his head away from the light,he found himself sitting on a bench,in the Librery,Amelia was right next to him,leaning on him,but she also sarted to wake up."Where..where are we?"She asked."In the library of course,you fell asleep,and you were just so adorable I had no heart to weak you up."They heard the Librarian say.The Librarian went away,and Amelia and David looked at each other,scared and confused.Amelia took Davids hand,it was still red from the thorns,and she polled up her sleeve,in the place where the monster cut her there was a scar.David stood up,still feeling a bit dizzy,and he started looking for the door.he search the entire library but haven't found anything.Then he finally came upon the wall where the door trough which he entered was.But there was no door,just the wall,then he remembered something,he reached into his pocket and took out the rock he found on the shelf.He was standing right next to that shelf.It was an ordinanry rock,with no meaing or importance ,yet it meant so much,he put it back where he found it.Hi returent back to Amelia,she was getting ready to go."We will never talk about what happend here."She said."Agreed."David replied."And I....we will never come bakc here."He said,Amelia nodded,and they left,promesing each other never to return.

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