The sea of sighs

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A poem I wrote it;s just how i feel, Enjoy!

Submitted: September 05, 2014

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Submitted: September 05, 2014



Have you looked into the endless hollow of the night;

have you seen the colours of the day melt down and disappear out of sight;

My eyes are now used to the darkness, I can see where ther's no light;

I can see such beautiful colours where you see only black and white;

I can see into peoples souls, I could judge them, but i don;t;

Have you seen a soul before, it;s much darker than you thought;

Have you felt the burning hate, and the gentle touch of love;

Have you felt how much it hurts when all you ever felt was a lie;

Have you ever lost yourself, in an ocean of someone's eyes;

Can you hear all the voices, I can hear in a sigh;

Do you notice when my eyes get misty;

Do you notice when I;m cold;

Do you ever even miss me;

Or did the waiting make you bored;

I hope I can feel loved again like i did before;

like i did before you stole my soul;

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