Heavenly Fathers Hands

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Empty Nest.

Submitted: April 09, 2011

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Submitted: April 09, 2011



Heavenly Fathers Hands

Letting go of my two sons
Now that they have grown
They have decided its time to move on
To strike out on their own

Mixed feelings of helping them pack
And wishing they would stay
Oh don't worry Dad, we'll be back
We'll see you almost everyday

But days go by, then a week
Missing them all the while
And then I turn and they are
Beaming with a smile

Hello Dad, how you doin'
Just stopped by to get some things
Next time we come, we'll stay awhile
We'll see what tomorrow brings

I am standing on the porch now
Not letting my feelings show
So they load up what they came for
Then down the road they go

So I prayed to Heavenly Father
And placed them in his hands
What better place could they be in
Better than any mans

Yes, I still miss them
But I know their safe and sound
Since I prayed to Heavenly Father
There is a new peace that I have found

Al Scheive

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