Nothing In The Pot

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Nothing In The Pot

Submitted: April 19, 2011

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Submitted: April 19, 2011



Nothing In The Pot

Let me tell you about a fella
And what he said last night
That its everybody's duty
To keep their smiles on tight

How we ought to be so tranquil
That our temper never riles
Greeting everyone around us
With our very biggest smiles

It's ok, I'm not disputing
Anything that resembles fact
But you won't find me smiling
When I'm in misery or lack

You won't find me grinning
When I'm angry as can be
Cause thats my real nature
And it feels so right to me

You know its pretty likely
That we'll have our bumps and snares
But we'll be doing alright
With our troubles and cares

There is no sense making faces
In a phony sort of grin
When we know that our goodness
Is the opposite of sin

There are times for being happy
Plenty of smiles to go around
There are times when a person
Should carry around a frown

It's so easy to be smiling
When your dinners are nice and hot
But its foolish to be smiling
When theres nothing in the pot

Al Scheive

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