The Dreaming Child

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This is a short story about my little sister!! I love you

Submitted: November 24, 2010

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Submitted: November 24, 2010



Now, most fairy tales start off as "Once upon a time.." or "There once lived.." you know, the usual way. But my little sister is unusual in the most fascinating way. Now..On with my story.

One Wednesday afternoon in Mrs.Santomero's class, There was a fire alarm. Everyone had to exit the school immediately. When Rylee was standing outside waiting for the teacher's to say it was OK to re-enter the building, She looked up at the school and imagined that it was her castle. She had always dreamed of becoming a princess like Cinderella, Belle, Sleeping beauty, or even Ariel. She imagined herself with a small, cute, kindergartener prince. Before she could imagine her well-treated maids bringing her Velveeta mac and cheese, (Which was her favorite part) she got brought back to reality when the bully in the back of her yelled at her "C'mon move!" Rylee was disappointed that she would never get her kindergartener prince, Her beautiful ball gowns, and sadly, not even her Velveeta mac and cheese. But everyday, Rylee prayed and prayed to God for her wish to come true, And one day, While she was drawing a beautiful heart for her teacher, a handsome, stunning, boy came in. Rylee knew that this kindergartener, would be the one to play with her on the slide, to draw pictures of dinosaurs with, to laugh crazily with her when they said something completely random. She went up and asked him what his name was..He replied.."Stanley." And thats when their love for each other was born. Their love was as strong as the glue on her  last art project. And even though she didnt get her castle, she didnt get her Velveeta mac and cheese, she certainly got her knight and shining armor. The End.

P.S. I love you Rylee!

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