Little Amelia Pond

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The story of Amelia Pond.

Submitted: May 07, 2014

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Submitted: May 07, 2014



Three knocks echoed out from the front door of the house. Aunt Sharon head jerked up from her writing desk, she had been sleeping."That should be the doctor" she said sleepily. Slowly getting up from her desk and walking towards the door, she realized that their was something stuck to her cheek, grabbing the piece of paper from her cheek, she looked down at it. "that's the bill from the last one". Dropping the paper she reached the door and opened it. "Hello there" said the charming looking man on the door mat. "Well Hello" said Aunt Sharon. He was wearing a darkened blue trench coat, horn rimed glasses, red converse, and a black under shirt, he had a very relaxed fell about him. "You must be Miss Pond, we spoke on the phone about your daughter Amelia". " Yes, Doctor Bowmen right this way" said Aunt Sharon a bit taken back by the charming demeanor of this doctor. "Oh please call me David" said The Doctor. Charmed, Aunt Sharon guided David up the stairs to little Amelia Ponds bed room. "Amelia!" said Aunt Sharon knocking on her door. "Theirs someone here to see you". Small footsteps could be heard running to the door to open it. The door swung open to show the little figure of Amelia pond in the doorway. "Hello there sweetie" said David with a smile. "Go away" said Amelia slamming the door. "Amelia" Said David calmly catching the door right as it is shutting. "At least let me talk to you a bit". "No" said Amelia firmly. "Amelia Pond you let Doctor David in right this minute!" Yelled Aunt Sharon. "Ugh!" Groaned Amelia, walking into her room and slamming onto her bed with a resounding thud. "Well, this should be interesting" said David "give us about a hour" he said shutting the door. Aunt Sharon made her way down stairs to make her self a cup of Tea and wait. A hour passed and she heard David coming down the stairs. "how is she?". "Well, you want the truth or the lie". Small little Amelia walked quietly down the stairs to hear what they where saying. "She talks about these things called Cybermen and Darleks and all sorts of other things" Said Aunt Sharon, holding back tears. "What about this Raggedy man she keeps talking about". "She said He's called The Doctor" said Aunt Sharon "he travels in this blue box that's a time machine and he goes around saving the day from evil monsters, What does this all mean! What happened to my baby!" Aunt Sharon suddenly broke down and started sobbing uncontrollably. "I want my baby back!" She cried. David wrapped his arm around her and whispered "shhhh everything's going to be ok shhhh".

 About 5 weeks passed, Christmas eve was upon the family of two. Aunt Sharon was at her desk paying the bills while Amelia played in the her room. The Christmas tree was set by the fire place and the cookies and milk where already set in place. The phone rang and Aunt Sharon went to answer it. Amelia walked down the stairs and into the living room and sat on a stool by the fire. Aunt Sharon hang the phone up and sighed. She looked up at Amelia who was staring with her head cocked to the side into the fire. "What are you doing sweetie, Waiting for Santa" Aunt Sharon said laughingly. "No Auntie, Santa isn't real, I'm waiting for the doctor".

"And so that was the first time my aunt fainted on me" said Amy. "You say that like it happened more times after that" said the doctor, putting down the book he was reading. "You would be surprised" said Amy walking around the Tardis's console. "Your aunt hated me before we started dating" said Rory, walking downstairs. "Well she thought you where gay and she Doesn't really like gay people" said Amy with a shrug. "Alright enough chit chat, we've got to get going" said the doctor running up to the console. "Where are we going doctor?" said Amy and Rory at the same time. "New york Ha Ha! Right in the heart of manhattan!" the doctor laughed and threw up a switch that sent the Tardis spinning off into the time vortex and of into oblivions

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