History Of BBZP

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This is the events that lead to the story of BBZP, enjoy.

Submitted: May 08, 2011

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Submitted: May 08, 2011



World Of BBZP


The world of BBZP is a chaotic zombie filled world where humans, formerly mythical beings, creatures and Nactronians(zombies) co-exist together in a not so peaceful manner. In this document I present the history of this world we are forced to live in.

World Of BBZP



- 2012-2020: World War Three

- 2020: Establishment of World Government

- 2020-2021: World Dominion War

- 2021: War ends, England fortifies it’s power

- 2021: Lord Dranius elected warlord of the world

- 2021-2027: Nactronis plague

- 2027: Antidote revealed, stopping the Nactronis plague spread

- 2027: The 4 official cities of the world are established: Eradonia, Cave Canem, Tronalbia, Kaos

- 2027-2100: The Grand Purge

- 2100-Present: Survival Era








World War Three

Oppressors: Japan, China, North America

Alliance: Europe, Middle-Eastern countries, South America

- Lord Dranius is elected prime minister of England, seeking to take advantage of the chaos that was created by the fear of the world he convinces The Alliance to launch the war for the world.

- In quick retaliation The Oppressors began the counter-attack, attacking England’s capital with devastating results.

- The grand wall is constructed around the core of The Alliance:England, a wall of pure titanium spanning around the entire country, leaving no openings and no exits without the permission of Lord Dranius’ Imperial government.

- After much bloodshed The Alliance rises stronger than the oppressors, forcing them into a conditional surrender.

World Dominion War

- In order to avoid another World War The Alliance declares that a world government will be formed and all will be one nation.

- The remaining Oppressor alliance refuses to be subdued into one nation, fighting back with renewed vigour.

- Due to a shortage of resources and being vastly outnumbered and overpowered The Oppressors are forced into total unconditional surrender; stripped of all weapons.

- World Dominion War ended England fortifies it’s defence with the grand wall: Made of pure titanium it spans around the entire expanse of Britain, heavily guarded by armoured sentries and automatic sensor sensitive turrets.

- Lord Dranius elected as Warlord of the new United Nation, establishing the new Imperial government worldwide.

The Nactronis Plague


- The world adjusting to the new order of things is suddenly shaken as a plague spreads across the United Nation: The Nactronis Plague

- The plague spread through blood or fluid exchange and water it spans across the world, leaving only England untouched.

Nactronis Plague Symptons:

- Extreme Fever

- Sweating blood

- Coughing

- Insomnia

- The Victims of the Nactronis plague didn’t die, they turned into zombie-like creatures; retaining their intelligence and former personalities yet developing a strong urge to kill and devour all that is living, giving birth to the Nactronians.

- After 6 years of being affected by the Nactronis plague England comes out with a grand revelation; destroying any hatred towards the unfairly untouched city as the cure is revealed.

- Stopping the spread of Nactronis through water supplies the Nactronians remain untouched. England leaves them untouched, reassuring the survivors of the outside world that they will die out in time. Secretly Lord Dranius knows the Nactronians are the ultimate prevention of a war against his ever growing power.

- Looking over what remains of the civilized world Lord Dranius makes official the 4 official cities the the United Nation, declaring any country outside the 4 cities a red zone and out of his responsibility and protection. The cities under the iron fist protection of The Lord Dranius dictatorship are the following:

Formerly England Lord Dranius wishes to be ridden of the old world, officially changing the name to Eradonia, haven of the world, major power and controller of the world Eradonia stands tall and


They keep living as though there never was a war and the Nactronians and all such violence doesn’t exist; enjoying all the luxuries, over-abundance of food and not bothering with the world beyond its giant titanium walls.

Cave Canem

Cave Canem is more like an oversized military camp, heavily fortified and home of the Warlocks, offered a limitless amount of resources and everything needed to survive as long as they serve their purpose. Their purpose to act as a first line of defence for the blissful Eradonia, act as a worldwide police force and doing Lord Dranius’ dirty work.


Tronalbia is a city of peace, human population only they appease to Lord Dranius, receiving a limited amount of support. In truth the Oppressors secretly try to gain more power, helping the red zones by spreading what little resources they have.

Ignored by Lord Dranius, Tronalbia is viewed as the true safe haven to the red zones, fortifying the mutual hate towards Eradonia in hopes of someday taking it down. However the oppressors know full to well Eradonia will not fall until Cave Canem is defeated, a feat seen as impossible.


True to its name Kaos is barely liveable, only considered a safe zone due to the lack of Nactronians who are fended off by military coalitions. This is the land where the human criminals, outlaws, rejects, mutants and non-humans co-exist violently together. Buildings barely maintained every day is a fight, different clans created; in Kaos there is no such thing as a friend, only allies and enemies.



The Grand Purge

The Purge List

- Vampires

- Werewolves

- Mutants

- Suspected Oppressors

- Religious people

- Vampires form a non-aggression pact with Lord Dranius, they are left alone if they leave others alone and do not interfere in the purging process.

- Werewolves being too stubborn to accept such an offer fight back with full force, becoming the new priority target on the Purge list.

- Mutants are to be enslaved or executed depending on their ability and their level of cooperation.

- In order to put The Grand Purge into play he gives Cave Canem full authority to fortify the guidelines they sweep through the world, executing all who fit in the criteria of the Purge list.

- After more than 70 years of executions Cave Canem is ordered to cease the Purge, returning to a stand-by state the world carries on.

(In order)

- In his infinite fear of losing power Lord Dranius declares a set of guidelines for the remainder of the world population. Whoever does not fit his guidelines are to be eliminated in order to create a perfect world, declaring anyone in certain groups as a blemish in need of clearing up. The people on the list consist of :

The Survival Era

That is the history of our world in a nutshell: a very blood drenched nutshell that leaves us in this current state. Eradonia still thriving, Cave Canem keeping light patrol of the world, Tronalbia slowly planning their rebellion and my home; Kaos, still fighting for our survival, welcome to the world of Blue Bird Zombie Patrol.







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