Buddington's Journey to the Sea

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A nice thoughtful story I had some fun writing.

Submitted: April 27, 2008

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Submitted: April 27, 2008



The setting sun complied with its perpetual cycle. Abolishing the once blue sky and allowing strokes of orange, yellow and red to emerge into the infinite canvas. Clouds stomached the colours savouring the beautiful expiration of daylight. Trees swayed like giants caught in a relentless synchronized dance. Winds hushed secrets through the fading rays of sun. Darkness was slowly starting to blight the forest.

At a persistent hastened pace, an old soul hobbled through the forest. It was the fourth day of Scout Buddington’s journey to the sea and the dwindling light was starting to become worrisome. The plan had been to reach the sea in four days but it was deteriorating with the waning sunlight. The idea of making camp became more and more welcoming however the hiker still continued forth down the gradual forest decline.

It wasn’t until a bushel of field berries were discovered that Scout relished the idea of spending another night alone. Food would be able to be conserved and enduring loneliness was not a new thing. Scout’s lover and parents had passed away long ago and Scout’s children had grown up and moved to bigger cities. A life void of beloved people had been the main reason for going on such a journey at such an old age.

Once the tent had been pitched, Scout enjoyed a berry; letting it slowly dissolve until the taste perished. The sight of the magnificent sunset made an old rusty, corroded heart sigh... it would be so much warmer with someone loved. A lone red leaf fluttered in the wind until it landed, unfurled and embraced its final resting spot underneath a young cypress tree. Scout smiled at the fact it could, quite possibly, be the first leaf of the season to fall.

Within minutes, Scout was fast asleep. The sun had left the forest; purging the sky of its colourful covers and revealing the stars. The land turned suddenly cold, dark and unnerving. In the distance, a grey wolf howled for the sun to come back, its fur on end.

Scout awoke, covered in dew, thinking: Where am I? Why am I wet? It was morning and the tent had disappeared. Scout got up and started walking aimlessly in a groggy blur. The absence of the tent had caused an immense disorientating stir. How in the world could I have lost my tent? What’s that noise? Is that...?

The lost traveller started running. For the sounds were the sounds of waves. The sea had been reached. After climbing over a few daunting rocks in unbreakable exuberance, Scout’s feet sunk into sand.

The land had changed from a vegetated hilly terrain to a stunningly beautiful beach with the most golden sand. The sand was accompanied by a bright pearly sea. There was a gentle breeze that blew the tears out of Scout’s eyes. The bluest sky made a feeling of accomplishment and escape wash over the tired soul. The view was simply gorgeous.

On the beach, a man beckoned Scout with waving arms. He was a peculiar looking man with a long grey scraggily beard. He stood next to a small wooden boat underneath a white umbrella. He was dressed in all black and held a clipboard in his left hand. Scout, despite the oddity of the man, ran joyfully over to join him.

The man spoke first, “How’s it going? Warm day isn’t it?”

It had been a while since Scout had talked to another person. To be to simply reply to someone was the immeasurably enjoyable, “It is.”

“I give people boat rides. Do you have any money?”

“No... All I have on me are memories at the moment; No money.”

The unusual boatman glanced at his clipboard and gave a hearty laugh, shaking his head. Scout wished the tent and everything wasn’t gone... might have been able to barter with something. The boatman flipped a few pages of his clipboard forward, nodded and then grinned.

“We’ll have to wait until the water is a tad calmer before I take you,” he announced.

The idea of being on a boat excited Scout, “Take me where exactly? Just out a little ways?”

The boatman pointed out to the vast ocean, “To home!”

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