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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Carson, one year after graduating high school, just an average normal, ordinary young man. Has his life turned around when he meets young seven year old boy, Noah. Whom possess abilities that not your normal seven year old boy would have. Discover how Carson's life has changed in this short, funny, heart warming, kill time story.


“Sunny, partly cloudy with a 99.9% chance that it will rain today. Stay dry today, Fieldspring”

Says the meteorologist on the news as Carson flips through the channels out of boredom. “Why don’t you go outside and look for a new job Carson?” Says his mother.

“Yea, um, no!” Carson responds. “I am satisfied with the job I have now mom. No I do not like it but it is what is paying me well, and soon I will have enough to get the Harley.”

“You and your damned bikes Carson, well I do not wanna see your face around here all day. Go do something useful with yourself.” His mother said.

“Well I do need some cigarettes, so see ya!” Out the door Carson goes.

Walking to the store, Carson notices the girl he has had an eye on all through high school. Her name was Lyria. A brunette bombshell. Carson rarely sees her anymore since graduation last year. He thought to himself that this could be the last chance he has to talk to her. Quickly, in his reflection of a parked car, he fixes his hair, his eyebrows, checks his breath, makes sure he looks ok, nervous just wanting to make a good impression. He checks his teeth, and continued his walk. As he approached her, he thought of what would be a good way to introduce himself as she walked by. None in his mind seemed to be good enough. He figured he would just go with it. As she got closer and closer he began to smile. Now, close enough to say something, he waved his hand and said “hey!” As Lyria walked by, she did not seem to have any response to him. Instead, in a matter of three steps, she pulled out a small blade from her purse and stabbed Carson. Completely shocked at being stabbed by his dream girl, Carson dropped to the ground groaning in pain. He rolled over and just watched as Lyria walked away as if nothing had happened.

On the ground bleeding, Carson shouted for help and screamed in pain. People would just drive by, and walk by, not even care that he is injured. One woman walked up to him,

“Hey are you ok young man?” asked the woman. Carson yelled in response


She replies “oh, well you don’t have to be so mean about it. If you are going to be mean about my offer to help you. Well, never mind then.” The woman spits on Carson and walks off.

“WAIT! OK, IM SORRY! HEY!” screams Carson at the woman to return to his aid. But it is hopeless.

Soon after a car pulls up, Carson sits up to see if he could see the driver from the passenger window, but he sees nothing. He flops back on his injured side and lies on the ground. The driver side door opens. He could see feet walking around to the front of the car. It is revealed that the driver of the car is a little boy. The boy asks

“Hey are you ok mister?”

“What the? Hey kid help me please!” says Carson.

“Sure no problem.” The boy responds. The boy dragged Carson to the passenger side of the car, opens the door, pulls Carson up from under his arms and helps him in to the car. Carson now sitting in the seat his head in leaned out, the boy closed the door hitting Carson in the head.

“Oops I’m sorry” as Carson moans in pain. Carson looks to his left and see that the boy has had the driver seat modified for him to drive the car. With the pedals extended to reach his little feet. The door opens and the boy hops in.

“Don’t you worry mister I will help you.” Putting the car in gear, the boy drives off to the hospital.

“Uhh what is your name kid?” asks Carson.

 “My name is Noah.” Said Noah.

 “Oh, uhh, ok. Um Noah, like how old are you dude?”

“I’m seven years old.” With a look of confusion on his face Carson just responds with


“I saw you on the ground so I figured you needed help and I decided to help you. I like to help people.”

“Oh really? Well, shit little dude. Thank you.”

Arriving at the hospital, Carson stumbles in the ER. Noah drags him to the front desk.

 “Excuse me, my friend needs help.” The receptionist leans forward, confused on the image she sees before her. A seven year old boy with a full grown young man lying on the ground behind with a small trail of blood leading to him, groaning in pain.

“Uhh sure.” She hesitates and studders. “What the hell happened?” asked the receptionist.

“My friend is hurt. You gotta help him.”

“Don’t worry we will take good care of him” says the receptionist.

“You hear that Carson, you’re going to be ok.”

 “Hey how did you know my name? I never told you my name.” asked Carson.

“Oh I took your wallet” said Noah.

“You took my wallet?”

“Yea you only had, like, two bucks. Here ya go, you can have it back now. I did not take your two bucks. I’ll just have you make me blueberry pancakes later, as your thanks for me helping you. Deal?”

“Wait, what?”

 “Deal! It’s settled then.” At that moment the doctors enter the lobby and take Carson away on a wheel chair.

 “Buh bye Carson, I’ll see you soon.” Noah says as waves goodbye.

Sometime later Carson awakens in the hospital bed from surgery. He looks to his left and sees nothing but the door closed. He could hear the slight business of the hospital on the other side. He looks to his right and there’s the window. It appears the sun has just about set, as nightfall begins to take its course. Carson looks down at his bandage, understands that there will be a nice scare when he heals. He lets out a sigh of relief and feels he is alone in the room. He rolls over to his left and is startled by an excited Noah happy to see he is awake.

“Carson!!!!!” Jumping out of nowhere as Noah screams out.

 “OH SHIT! Jesus dude, how about a goddamn warning next time will ya? You scared the hell outta me!”

 “Oh….oops.” says Noah. “I’m glad you are ok.”

“Yea me too dude.” Says Carson.

“What’s dude?” Noah asks.

“Dude? You know how to operate a car at your age, but you don’t know what dude is?” Shaking his head no Noah replies.

 “Well, dude is…….hm….uh dude is kinda…like what we call our friends or whoever.”

 “Oh so you’re saying we are friends?”

 “Um…well….kinda yea I guess.”

 “YAY!” Shouts Noah in excitement. “Hey Carson, I have gifts for you.”

“You have gifts for me?”

“Yup. But you gotta close your eyes.”

“Well come on dude, just give me the damn gifts. I don’t play that game.” Said Carson.

 “Nope it’s a surprise, you will ruin it. Besides its gonna be boring if I just hand it to you. Come on where’s the fun in that? Come on……dude.”  Understanding there was no other way he was going to get his gifts, Carson agreed to close his eyes.

 “Ok ok I’ll close them” Carson closed his eyes.

“Ok now open them.” Carson opened his eyes to see Incredible Hulk balloons, an Incredible Hulk T-shirt, an Incredible Hulk pair of socks, Incredible Hulk toothbrush, Incredible Hulk action figure, Incredible Hulk dvd, Incredible Hulk soundtrack cd, Incredible Hulk poster, and Incredible Hulk cupcakes.

“SURPRISE !!!” Shouted Noah. “Do you love them?” Noah asks.

“Oh The Hulk…uhh cool man…um thanks.” Said Carson. “Just one question, like why is everything the freaking Incredible Hulk?”

“Well, why not? The Incredible Hulk is strong, fearless, and brave. Life can be tough, not only physically you gots to be strong, fearless, and brave. You gots to be strong, fearless, and brave mentally also. Life has no plans, it just does what it wants to do with us. It can definitely be scary. So we gots to be fearless. The Incredible Hulk reminds me to be fearless, strong, and brave every day. I hope he does the same for you Carson.” Carson is surprised on how much Noah made sense. He agreed with Noah.

“Wow dude…you uhh… got yourself a point there.” Said Carson.

“The Incredible Hulk doesn’t take shit from anybody.” Says Noah.

“No, no he does not.” Says Carson, shocked at what he just heard Noah say.

Later the doctor came into the room.

“Hello Carson, I’m Dr. Scrortus.”

“Your name is Dr. Scrortus?” asked Carson.

“Yes yes that is my name. Yes I know what you are thinking. Go ahead laugh, get it out of your system.” Said the doctor. Carson erupts in laughter.

 “Ok listen Carson I’m going to cut to the chase. You have AIDS now!!!” Carson immediately stopped laughing as a moment of silence came over the room. Then Carson shouted,


 “You have AIDS, I am sorry”. Said Dr. Scrortus.

 “ARE YOU…” The doctor interrupts.

 “Nawww just kidding. Hahahah. You should’ve seen the look on your face. Hahaha look at you, acting all serious and what not. Hahaha. Anyway, you’ll be as healthy as a Mountain Lion that was hit by a train in a few hours. Couple of days, a Bear fallen out of a tree, next week a homeless guy that’s been jumped, next month good as new. Just sign here and you’re free to go.” Carson just stared at Dr. Scrortus with a look of confusion.

 “Did you hear that Carson? You are free to go. Wanna come over my house and hang out?” asks Noah in excitement. Carson knew he did not want to go but he told him yes anyway.

“You should go Carson. After all he kinda saved your life.” Said Dr. Scrortus.

“Ok fine I will go Noah.” “Yay!” Noah ran around the room in excitement. Carson signed the paper grabbed his gifts and him and Noah left the hospital.

Noah and Carson got in the car. Noah puts in a CD turns the volume on blast. They drive off blasting Lady Gaga. They drive to Noah’s home. The whole way home Noah, is singing Poker Face by Lady Gaga.

Arriving at his house, the door is locked. Noah crawls through the doggy door and opens the door from the inside.

 “Come on in Carson.” Said Noah. Carson walks in and realizes Noah’s home is not well kept. It is messy. Carson can hear a guy screaming out the initials M.M.A. He walks to the living room area and sees what appears to be Noah’s dad, dressed in M.M.A gear, inside what appears, to be a badly built homemade fighting cage as portrayed on UFC fights. Noah’s dad is imitating the moves he sees on TV watching UFC fights, and continuously screaming MMA.  Carson asks Noah.

“Is that your dad?” Noah replies

 “Yup that’s my dad. Yup I know”

“Why is he like, fighting himself? What the hell?” asks Carson.

“He’s completely obsessed with UFC. He’s a nutcase. Well, anyway, what do you want for dinner Carson? I like Hamburger Helper, do you wants some? I know how to cook.” Said Noah. 

“Wait that’s your dad and you know how to cook?” asked Carson.

“Mhm” Noah nods his head.

“Where’s your mother?” Carson asks.

“She’s upstairs in bed. She’s sick, she has canfser.”said Noah.

“Canfser? What’s canfser?” Carson asked.

“I dunno. Mommy was feeling sick, she went to doctors, and doctors said she had canfser, and it was gonna costs lots of money to make her feel better. That’s why I took your wallet, because I was trying to get money to give to the doctor to make her feel betterer. But I knew two bucks was not going to be enough. And I couldn’t take it from you for my own need. I help a lot of people, I like to help a lot of people. I’m sad that I cannot help my mom because I don’t have money. Why does everything cost so much money?” Says Noah. At that moment Carson realizes what Noah meant to say was that his mom had cancer.

“So your mom is sick, huh?”  Carson said.

“Yea, I don’t like canfser. Mommy used to take care of me, take me places, take me to see Incredible Hulk movies, buy me Incredible Hulk things. Ever since she got canfser, she hasn’t really done anything but lay in bed and sleep all day.” Says Noah.

“Well what about your dad?” asks Carson.

“No, he doesn’t do anything. He never really does. He just watches UFC all day.” For a moment Carson looked around and saw pictures of Noah’s mother and him in the good times Noah had talked about. He saw a note on the picture of Noah and his mother and what appears to be a guy dressed like the Incredible Hulk. The note read,

“To my dear boy Noah, remember to always be strong, fearless, and brave. Just like The Incredible Hulk, overcome all your challenges. Remember what mommy has taught you. Love Mommy Susan.” Carson realized how Noah had become so smart, and why he looks up to The Incredible Hulk.

 “Carson!!! Hamburger Helper is ready.” Called Noah. Carson was surprised to see that Noah indeed knew how to cook and take care of himself very well at a very young age.

 “Wow Noah this is really good. Who taught you how to cook?”

 “My mommy did right before canfser showed up. Hey after you wanna come up to my room and play video games? My favorite game is Marvel vs. Capcom. Because I can be the Incredible Hulk.” Says Noah.

 “Sure dude, that will be fun.” Carson replied.

Getting to Noah’s room, everything had the Incredible Hulk on it. Posters, bed spread.

“Your room is really Hulked out Noah.” Says Carson.

 “Yup.” Noah replied. Carson and Noah play the game for a while. Noah beat Carson countless times playing as The Hulk. Until when Carson finally beat him, Noah had fallen asleep. Tucking him in, and turning off the game, Carson left. Walking out he saw Noah’s mother’s door was slightly cracked open. He walked in and saw Noah’s mother fully asleep. He saw more pictures and certificates; he learned Noah’s last name was Wayson. Carson realized that Noah was just an innocent young boy, as innocent as they may come. Carson had never had any real challenges to overcome, nor had he even given anything to anyone. He never really had the desire to help people as much as Noah had the desire to help people. For the first time in his life, Carson had met someone that changed his life. Carson remembers he had quite a lump sum of money saved for a Harley Davidson. He ran home and made phone calls to the cancer treatment center, in an attempt to try to save Noah’s mother.

The next day, Carson was awakened by the ringing of his cell phone. It was the doctors at the cancer treatment center. They urged him to come down immediately. Arriving there the doctors informed him that money he donated from his savings for his bike was still not enough to save Noah’s mother.

“Hi, Carson!” shouted Noah.

“Hey there dude!” said Carson.

“What’s up dude?” Said Noah. “This morning people came to my house and brought me and my mother here.”  Said Noah. A doctor pulled Carson over.

“Hey, listen as much as we thank you for your contribution, it will not be enough. I’m sorry. What is your relationship with this little guy?” asked the doctor. Discouraged that the money he donated was still not enough, Carson replied

“I dunno, he’s just like some kid. He’s my friend.”

“Well he’s only seven he has no place to go.”

“What? What do you mean?” asks Carson.

“Well we can’t find any relatives, his mom will go very soon, and we found his dad dead this morning, I guess he tried putting a sleeper hold on himself?” Carson knew that Noah can only do so much for how smart he his. He had no choice but to take him.

“He can live with me and my mother. We are a nice family, he will be loved and taken care of well.” Said Carson. 

“Very well then” said the doctor. Carson walked into the room with Noah sitting in a chair by his mother.

“Carson, hey dude!” said Noah.

 “Hey dude, what’s going on? Listen Noah, how would you like to come live with me? Huh?” asked Carson.

“Really! That would be cool. We can play Marvel vs. Capcom and I can beat you every day using the Hulk.” Noah replied in excitement. Noah walks up to his mother, “Mom im gonna go live with Carson, he’s my best friend, we will have a great time. Good bye mommy love you.” He kisses her on the cheek, and the flat line beep sounds. Carson and Noah leave the room.

“You’re not sad Noah?” asks Carson

“No, mom always told me to be strong. And I know that in eighty years, when I grow old and die. I will see her again in heaven. Till then, I will live my life unafraid and very very strong.”

Later Carson and Noah are at a hot dog stand. Carson’s friend Owen is with them. They get hot dogs and sit a picnic table and eat.

“How’s life at the bakery man?” Carson asks Owen.

“Good dude, but it’s still tough because Satan’s Bakery is still so damn good. We really got to prepare if we want to win BakeMania in a few months.” Says Owen

“Dude you are not going to win. End of story.” Says Carson.

“Oh we will win its personal now. I’ll figure out a way to win. I cannot lose.” Owen stated.

Noah spots a girl standing on the bridge leaning over the rail throwing flowers in the river.

“Why is that girl throwing flowers into the river Carson?” asked Noah. Carson looks over and realizes that the girl is Lyria. The girl he has dreamed for so long and the girl that stabbed him.

“Well that’s the girl that hurt me Noah. Stay here.” Said Carson. Carson approaches Lyria, taps her on the shoulder. “Hey! Lyria, you stabbed me you bitch, what the fuck was that all about?”  asked Carson angrily.

“Well im terribly sorry but, I knew you from high school, and when I saw you, I was quite nervous, because I kinda liked you all through high school. And I was in such a rush that all I wanted was to say hi and get your number. So I went to grab a pen out my purse, unfortunately I accidently grabbed my blade, and my Tourette syndrome kicked in. I tend to sometime do a forward thrusting motion with my hand. And I had the knife in my hand and well you know.” Shocked by this Carson was speechless. He managed to say a few words.

“You have Touretts?” said Carson.

“Yes I do, I know I’m sorry for stabbing you, and walking off, I didn’t want to go to jail. I feel like such an idiot cause now, I look into your eyes…..” at that moment Lyria was hit in the back of the head by a shovel. She fell to the ground out cold. Standing behind her was Noah with the shovel.

“NOAH!!! What the hell?” screamed Carson.

 “Hey, The Hulk does not take shit from anybody Carson. You shouldn’t either.Sometimes in life Carson, it’s good to get even.” Said Noah.

“Oh my god, you little…SHIT!” Said Carson. Noah dropped the shovel and ran. Carson chases after him.


Submitted: April 09, 2012

© Copyright 2022 TheMike. All rights reserved.

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