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The Rules of the assignment was simple: The word that ends a sentence, must then start the next one. (The last word has to be the first word). I chose zombies because, well, I like zombies! Anyway, its an unedited piece and I did it just to get my juices flowing. ( I find it helps to write sometimes if you give yourself a goal with producing text). Anyway, I know its not a perfect example of writing, I hope you enjoy it.

Submitted: April 22, 2011

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Submitted: April 22, 2011



Snarling, biting, eating, chewing, growling, hungry. Hungry for more than you would like to know. Know what I mean? Mean is the least of the verbs that can be used to describe these monsters. Monsters who will stop at nothing to rip you to pieces, to consume your flesh, to ruin your day. Day is the only time when moving from one place to another is safe. Safe from those things. Things were never as bad before all this began, when times were better, and lives were richer. Richer because they were allowed to be, because they could be. Be as it may, it doesn’t change the fact that we’re surrounded by something that never stops looking for you. You, just you, and what nutrients you have to offer. Offer yourself to them with the thought of inevitability, yet what’s the fun in that? That giving up is the best option and the only option? Options are what you should be considering when choosing your weapon against these vile creatures from hell. Hell is where they are sent when cutting or blowing off their heads. Heads are the most important part of the body you know. Know this, understand this, memorize this. This is what will keep you alive when you’re defending yourself against a hoard of them.

Them people who you meet on your travels are also something to look out for. For they could turn on you and try to take everything you got. Got to make sure you’re ready for any encounter, whether its with those freaks, the people you meet on the road or the people your traveling with. With that said, its good to make sure your friends are people worth counting on. On no one else can you put greater trust in than the friends you stick together with during your time surviving. Surviving may not be fun, but if your going to repopulate the planet, then its definitely worth something looking into. Into the breach of chaos with nothing left to lose, might as well stay alive right? Right here, mentally at least, is where you need to face them, whether its to stay alive, or give up and die. Die if you want, but in doing so your only proving that its easy for a bunch of brain dead corpses to get the better of a single human being. Being as it were however, despite their best efforts at getting you, you have something they don’t. Don’t know what it is do you? You have the ability to use a gun, while all they have are teeth and nails (both very deadly if scratched or bitten by the way). Way it goes while out on the zombie infested landscape with nothing but your machete and rifle. Rifle, canteen, backpack, do you have it all? All one must do however, to stay in the game of life is to keep from being bitten, if not, then simply, you just turn into one of those freaks, snarling.

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