Gotham city

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In my English retake lesson I was told to do a bit of descriptive writing on a place, so because me and my best friend both love batman(we make films for you tube The1stcapedcrusaders) I decided to do this :) hope you enjoy :)

Submitted: November 13, 2011

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Submitted: November 13, 2011



Tall skyscrapers cast long, thick shadows over the city. The only light comes from the windows of buildings and the bright flashing neon lights. Shadey men stand on street corners selling their "Off-the-back-of-the-truck" half price goods from under thier long overcoats. Meth tweakers and heroin addicts, squat in dark alleys waiting for their "suppliers" to deliver them to a new high. High pitched car alams, smashing glass and the screams of fear are the melody of this city. The stench of insanity and urine waft up to the ledge on which im perched. I slowly stands up and look out over the city as my cape gets caught in the shallow brezze and blows lightly around me, the tips of my boots sticking out just over the ledge. This city may be a shit-hole but its the only home ive ever had and i have made it my duty to wade through all the shit to bring forward the justice.

This is my city.

This is my cause.

This is my Gotham.

And with that I let my self drop of the ledge in to the abyss of madness below.......

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