The Most Beautiful Meat

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

In the heat of betrayal, a man takes his anger and blows it out of proportion. Now, during a highly attended barbecue at his cattle farm, he covers up his deed in the most disgusting, disturbing, and horrifying way imaginable.

This day cannot go wrong. I've set up the chairs, put out the plates, and laid out the red and white checkered tablemats. Everything was in place, so I began cooking the “burgers”. Squishy and heavy with an almost wormlike feel, I laid the patty onto the grill. Ahhh...the hiss as the burger makes contact soothes me. Relief passes through my body as my problems are cooked away.

Through the burger mist I make out the figures of the first couple arriving. It's John and Mary, a couple I met at the local fair. They've been dating for some time now and I expect that they will be wed quite soon. John sees me and tugs his partner in my direction.

“Somethin sure smells good, Eli! Ya bettah hurry up with them burgers, my stomach's as empty as the sierra!” said John through a smile. The meat grinder should probably be moved.

“Well why don't cha get on ova here, John! Haven't seen you in ages!” I embrace John and give him a welcoming pat on the back. I do the same to Mary, whom I don't particularly like, but it would be impolite on my part to ignore her. So far, so good.

“Man, that grill can really cook a burger, can't it? I see you're still using the good old Uniflame.”

“Of course I am. Do ya think I really have the indecency to throw away the only gift you gave to me on my wedding?” I shouldn't have said that. How could I be so damned stupid to bring up such a thing.

“Speaking of yer wedding, where's Louise?”

“Louise? Oh, she's...out”


As I moved my face down her smooth neck, Carol uttered that giggle that I love o so much. This woman understood me, took me for who I was and didn't ask for anything more. Once her tender lips met mine, the farmhouse became a utopia. I moved in to kiss her again, but the squeaking hinges interrupted me. It was Louise.

“Eli? What the...just what the hell is going on here?!” Her eyes, confused yet engulfed in flames met mine. This was supposed to be a one time thing, but I got greedy and now the world was collapsing down on top of me.

“Louise, don't make a big deal out of this. I was havin' trouble with my lessons and she came over to help.”

“To help? You call this a lesson? You're screwing your teacher!”

“Louise I'm sorry...I just got lonely, and then you and Mike”-

“Mike?! He was going through a divorce, I was helping him! You really though I was doing more than that? If this is who you are now, then just keep right on going!” She gave me one more look of disgust, turned, and left.


Out? What's wrong with me? I've gotta keep my cool, and giving such an expansive reply sure isn't going to help me. “out” could be doing the laundry, getting the groceries, on-

“Eli, y'allright? You're sweatin like yer in hell! Here, take my rag” said John as he took out his sweat rag and tossed tit to me. I thanked him and wiped the sweat off my red face. Now I just gotta calm down and get things back on track. The meat grinder was really starting to annoy me though.

“Yes, as I was sayin', Louise is visiting her sister up in Blanchard. It's a couple hours away, so I won't be expectin' her back till tonight.”

“What's she doin' up there? I haven't seen Louise for so long, was lookin' forward to seein her.”

“She's...well, her sister's husband called us up this mornin' and said his wife was delivering.”

“Really? I didn't even know she was pregnant.”

“Well, she is.” John scratched his head with a puzzled look, but what's he gonna do? Call Louise and find out if she's with her pregnant sister? I flipped the burgers onto their other side. Looks like they're cooking pretty nice. The sight of me moving the burgers was enough to distract John from thinking about Louise.

As I continued cooking the burgers, the air was disrupted by tires rolling on gravel. Another party of guests was arriving. I recognized a few of them, but most were distant friends, friends' friends, family friends, or people I've never met in my life. That's what you get when you have an outing like this, you'll always get the unrecognizables.

A man in a plain green shirt, jeans, and shoes approached me. He appeared confused, yet eager to make himself a part of the crowd. He reached out his arm to shake my hand. He had on a pink bracelet, which I thought was pretty odd, but I shook his hand anyway. For a man with a pink bracelet he had a very strong grip.

“How ya doin' sir? I'd imagine that this'd be yer party considerin' you're the man with the meat, am I right? The name's Sam.” Throughout this he continued to shake my hand. This made me uncomfortable so I weaseled my hand out of his.

“Good to meetcha. I'm Eli, and yes this'd b e my party. Guests are just arriving and the meat's almost done, but in the meantime you can help yourself to some Coors.”

“Now, would ya be using your own cattle for these burgers?”

“Sure am, nature's best served fresh.”

“Well Eli,” said Sam as he observed the grazing field behind the farmhouse, “I gotta tell ya, you've got yerself some funny smellin' cows.” Out in the distance there appeared to be clouds. Hopefully they hold off till the end of my barbecue, I sure wouldn't want the mood spoiled. Behind the barn all of the cows were laying down.


“Louise, get your ass back in this room! You don't go walkin' out on me!” Anger ravaged my body. The sting of betrayal still lingered. She's supposed to devote herself to me, and now she's just going to walk out? I don't think so. She was grabbing her coat off of the hook.

“Eli, I don't wanna here another word. I'm through with you, this house, and the damned cows!” She was clearly hurt. Her moist eyes gazed at mine. “You love them so much, why don't you go marry one of em!”

“Louise, I love my cattle to death, but you're certainly more beautiful than any of them.”

“Thank you Eli, it feels so great to know I'm better looking than a cow.” Frustrated, she made her way to the door. To her left, the basement door was wide open. There was no way she was going to do this to me, embarrass me, without going unpunished. As she passed by the basement doorway, I ran at her and shoved her. There were many thuds, and her body twisted and rolled like a rag doll would until she hit the floor.

I slowly descended down the stairs, gazing upon the body of my wife. There wasn't any blood, but her body was mangled in a way I had never seen. There was bone sticking out of her neck, and she was most definitely dead. Now that my beautiful cow was dead, I should probably prepare it. Meat cannot go unwasted.

I grabbed the pistol from the drawer, picked up the cow's head by its blonde hair, and then shot it between the eyes. Quickly, I then reached for the knife and slit its throat. Blood spilled all over the floor. With the knife, I cut off the parts that I wanted. Into the meat grinder she went, coming out in wormlike strands.

“Oh Louise...” I muttered to myself, “if only you could see you now.”


I had had it with the meat grinder; it had pestered me long enough. I brought it into the house and set it upon the counter. After touching the counter my hands felt quite sticky, but I took no notice to it. I must get back outside before anybody notices my absence.

Next to the couch I notice a wild animal. Hairy and disgusting, I run to grab it before it escapes.'s not an animal. It's definitely hairy, but there's nothing but a layer of skin on the other side. I throw it away before I let it bother me.

“Eli, I've gotta hand it to ya, you sure now how to cook em” said a stranger. “I don't think I've ever had such a tender burger in my life! You've gotta tell me yer secret.”

“Secret?” I pondered over the question. “Well what you'd be eatin' is a special breed of cow. It's all about how you raise em.” The stranger laughed at this.

“Well just keep on doin' what yer doin'. I'm gonna head back over to”-

The stranger was cut short as the scream of a woman was heard. I rushed over to the disruption, to find a fat pale man lying in the mud. His skin color really brought out the pink in his bracelet, and his clothes were becoming soaked due to the downpour now upon us.

His wife, I would assume, barely able to pick him up tried to give him the Heimlich despite the fact the had already died. I didn't know quite how to handle the situation, so I merely watched. After becoming exhausted she dropped him onto the ground, sobbing. A woman screamed as lightning struck the field behind the barn.

A man calling himself a doctor ran to the scene.

“I'm sorry to tell you all that this man is dead, he has no pulse. It appears that he has choked.” He gave a look of sympathy to the still sobbing woman. He pounded on the man's chest, yet nothing happened. Deciding he was out of options, he pried open the man's mouth, and reached in. He fished around for a while before pulling out what appeared to be a hairball, except instead of hair there was bone.

The doctor, confused as to what it was, pulled apart the mass. For twenty seconds he did nothing but stare at it. Then, with confusion and dismay in his eyes, he held out my wife's wedding ring before me.

Submitted: July 28, 2009

© Copyright 2021 TheMysteriousFiend. All rights reserved.

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This is very gross, but very well written. Lol! I liked the part Ya bettah hurry up with them burgers. I on the other hand would have written Ya bettah hurry up with them there burgers... Lol! Great Job!


Tue, July 28th, 2009 3:12am


Wow, this is... really amazing. I love it.

Gotta say my favorite line is, "For a man with a pink bracelet he had a very strong grip." Haha.

The ending was great too, and the tone sounded nonchalant, almost apathetic despite what he was doing. I enjoyed reading this. (:

Sun, August 2nd, 2009 7:38pm


OMG ew!! This was really freaky, but really great too!! ^^ I don't usually like horror but this was... WOW! ^^

Mon, August 3rd, 2009 6:01am

Emma OToole

WOW! Not something I would have chose to read had you not invited me to...but its really good, original and gruesome! Nice x x :)

Tue, August 4th, 2009 11:46am

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