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hi, after afew days i still feel like crap so here's another poem. it can also be read as song lyrics Enjoy! :) xx

Submitted: May 28, 2011

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Submitted: May 28, 2011



Can't you see you've broke my heart?, After all we've been through, Feels's like you've ripped it apart, I thought you felt the same as i did too?,

The truth hurt too much for me, I thought you were my true friend, i'm in pain don't you see?, A friendship how could you pretend?,

I'm falling down into darkness, I can see no light, Why were you so heartless?, I know This ain't right,

Don't you remember all our fun?, Don't you remember the smiles and frowns?, We played tag in the sun, Don't ya remember the up's and down's?,

Chorus: I had fun with you, i'm sure you did too, Now your heartless, and i'm falling into deep down into darkness,

Where did the sun go?, Where did our fun go?, Your acting strange, You've made a change,

I can't describe in words how i feel, You think life's a game, like it ain't real, I don't feel the same!,

I'm sad, Your bad, I've gone mad, Maybe to get rid of me your glad(!?),

When you said goodbye, All i did was cry, I asked myself why?, Why did you lie?,

Where are you from?, The end has come, Goodbye to you, that's all i can do!

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